Funded PhD Opportunities

​Funded PhD Opportunities at the Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Group


Two industry funded PhD opportunities are available in the domain of Optimization in Oil and

Gas Field Development Planning. The focus will be on:

  1. Developing optimization methods for well placement & operation and surface facility planning.
    1. ​​​​Methods need to be pragmatic enough to be used in real field development planning projects within the timeframe constraints of real projects.
    2. ​Methods need to account for uncertainty (e.g. subsurface uncertainty uncertainty in the hydrocarbon reservoir properties)
  2. Implementing the developed methods in commercial software. Typically, Ocean Software Development Framework and DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment will be used for the purpose.
  3. Collaborate with the funding company research and development centers to ensure performed research and developed solutions fulfill the objectives of the research.
  4. Testing the implemented algorithms on real Field Development Projects in coordination with the funding company.

The selected PhD students will join the Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Group led by Prof. Kassem Ghorayeb.


To be eligible, applicants should fulfill the acceptance requirements as detailed in the following website.​

Students can apply directly for an Accelerated PhD Program based on their average in their undergraduate work. Details are provided here.

Engineering students from any discipline with BE or MS/ME degrees with strong background in mathematics and programming may apply.

How to Apply

    1. Send your CV to the below email

    2. Follow this process

    3. Deadline for application: March 18th, 2019

Contact Information

​For more information, please contact Prof. Kassem Ghorayeb: