Research Assistant Positions

Full-Time or Part-Time Research A​ssistant in Chemical Engineering Department

Project Title:  Novel Corrosion Inhibitor for Viscoelastic Fluid in Oilfield Acidizing Application

Position is open for: Applicants holding BS/BE/ MSc in Chemistry, Chemical Eng., Mechanical Eng., Food Technology or any related fields with previous laboratory research experience

Note: A fresh graduate from Lebanese universities with research experience in rheology and corrosion studies is preferable

Job Description: In this study, a novel cationic gemini surfactant will be synthesized and characterized.  The effects of surfactant concentration, purging N2/CO2 and addition of salt on viscoelastic properties will be investigated at various temperature and pressure.  The corrosion inhibition efficiency of this surfactant on mild steel will be investigated in corrosive acidic media using various analytical techniques.

PI: Dr. Ali Tehrani, W&B Bassatne Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, MSFEA, AUB

Co-PI: Dr. Mohamad G. Abiad, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences, FAFS, AUB

The responsibilities of the selected candidate will include: Conduct an in-depth literature survey, run laboratory experiments (Rheological testing and corrosion studies), documenting the research results, and draft grant applications and writing scientific manuscripts.

Application Deadline: March 25, 2019

Duration: 9-12 months

Compensation: commensurate with education and relevant experience.

Apply: To ensure full consideration, please send a single file (max. 4 pages) including a cover letter with a brief statement of your research interest and experience, a one-page resume, and the contact details of at least two references to Please use the job code (Rheology-RA-2019) in the subject line of your email.

Research Webpage:

PhD student to work on a research project in area of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Reaction Engineering 

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department

Project Description

The project aims towards the development of new support materials; e.g. MOF (metal organic frameworks) and polymer fibers for noble metal (Pd, Pt) deposition as heterogeneous catalysts for water treatment. The application to be investigated specifically is the reduction of nitrates and nitrites in ground water. The targeted support materials would have high porous structure to enhance mass transfer limitations observed with the conventional catalyst supports such as alumina. Additional targeted properties are hydrophobicity and stability in aqueous phase.

Research tasks

•     Synthesis and characterization of the catalysts.

•     Testing of the catalysts for hydrogenation of nitrites in water.

•     Detailed study of reaction kinetics and mass transfer rates.

•     Design of structured catalyst reactors.

•     Publish in peer reviewed journals.

 Qualifications needed:

•     A master's of science in chemical engineering or chemisrty.

•     Backgropund in heterogenuous catalysis is a must.

•     High interest and motivation in experimental research work in area of heterogeneous catalysis

(inorganic chemisry) and reaction engineering.

•     Detail oriented with very good analytical skills.

•     Ability to design and conduct experimental work.

•     Ability ot work independently and in an organized way.

•     Good communication skills.

•     Excellent writing skills.

Deadline for application31st March 2019

To Apply: Please kindly send your resume and cover letter to Dr. Cassia Boyadjian at

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) to work on a research project in area of Process design and Reactor modeling (master's thesis project)

Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department​

Project Background

Green algae can produce hydrogen under controlled water conditions. In this process, light is captured by the algae which splits water into oxygen and protons and electrons. Subsequently, the hydrogenase enzyme which is found in algae catalyzes the process of protonelectron recombination to produce hydrogen. The hydrogenase enzyme, however, is extremely oxygen-sensitive and its function is inhibited by the constant oxygen production. To increase the hydrogen production, various methods can be employed, one of which is called sulfur starvation. This technique controls the oxygen production rate and therefore stimulates hydrogen production.

Project Description

The goal of the project is to design an optimal process for hydrogen production from algae using the sulfur starvation method. The process will be simulated using ASPEN PLUS. If necessary, reactor modeling will be performed using MATLAB.

Research tasks

1)   Thorough literature search on hydrogen production from algae and on proposed methods for maximizing hydrogen production. Sulfur starvation method is found to be promising, but other methods could as well be investigated.

2)   Simulation and optimization of the selected process using ASPEN PLUS.

3)   Identify the best reactor system and model the reactor using MATLAB.

4)   Evaluate the technical feasibility of the selected process and its potential for hydrogen production.

5)   The research output will be elaborated into master's thesis.

Qualifications needed:

•     A graduate student at the department of chemical and petroleum engineering at AUB.

•     Good knoweldge in ASPEN PLUS and MATLAB is a must.

•     High interest and motivation in simulation and modeling work.

•     Detail oriented with very good analytical skills.

•     Ability to work independently and in an organized way.

•     Good communication and excellent writing skills.

To Apply: Please contact Dr. Cassia Boyadjian at, AUB ext: 4974, room 407, MASRI Building.

Full-time Designer and Researcher in Data Mapping and Visualization

Period: 1 year, renewable

Overview: The Urban Lab (Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, AUB) is looking to hire a full-time designer with experience in data visualization to work as the main designer of the Urban lab's visualization unit which produces maps, infographics and other data visualizations accompanying research efforts carried out by the Lab.

The designer's main task will be to act as an executioner and partner in the conception of and creation of maps and other infographics, supporting research efforts around urban issues such as building developments in Beirut, protection of the seafront, urban post-war recovery, urban governance and others. Ideally, the selected candidate is also interested in research and theorization about data visualization and mapping.

 As senior designer, this person might also coordinate the visualization efforts of other designers or design teams involved in the research projects of the Urban Lab, and will report to the Visualization Unit's creative director.

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications. Contract is renewable.​


  • Thinking through data sets to arrive at meaningful and impactful visualizations, and carrying out data analysis and data processing accordingly
  • Conceptualizing mapping methodologies and effective visualization approaches
  • Producing information visualizations and maps based on the research outcomes of the different research teams
  • Conducting team discussions and meetings with the aim of producing visualizations appropriate to the research themes and objectives
  • Working in collaboration with the research team on editing and fine-tuning data interpretation and visualization
  • Coordinating and managing other design and visualization efforts operating within the Urban Lab
  • Assisting in the organization of events around data visualization and mapping
  • Ideally, conducting research on mapping and data visualization in collaboration with the Visualization Unit's creative director


Requirements: ​Candidates should have a Masters degree, with at least one of their degrees being in Graphic design or a closely related discipline, and 2 years of experience (or the equivalent), with at least part of this experience in data visualization, mapping, infographics or information design.

Candidates with degrees from a related design discipline (Urban design, Architecture, etc) and/or with a Bachelors degree are welcome to apply.

Knowledge of desktop publishing software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign…) is required. Knowledge of web publishing software as well as digital mapping platforms and GIS is a plus. Candidates need to be able to work in English and in Arabic.

Ideally, the candidate has analytical skills and is interested in theory of design, and/or interested in urban and spatial issues.

 Please send your CV and portfolio with a cover letter stating your interest in the job to Dounia Salamé (, using the line “Visualization and Mapping Designer" in the email title. Applications will start being reviewed on the 21st of January 2019 and evaluation will be conducted on rolling basis, until position is filled.


About the Urban Lab

The “Urban Lab" is a new entity in The American University in Beirut, affiliated to the Maroun Semaan ​Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, more specifically to the Architecture and Design Department, and gathers a number of research tracks and initiatives. Its aim is to become a reference in the study of contemporary urbanization from the Global South, especially in our Arabic-speaking region. It will be conducting research activities, organizing conferences and workshops, publishing reports and work-in-progress updates, and will be linked to the teaching components of the Architecture and Design Department.

​You can see examples of similar visualization work by clicking here, here and here. ​

Research Associate - Online Professional Joint Diploma in Green Technologies

Job summary: ​Accomplish the Online Professional Joint Diploma in Green Technologies' objectives through overall planning, directing, coordinating, implementing, and evaluation of the program ensuring consistency with strategy, commitments and goals.

Job duties and responsibilities:

1.    Operations:

Develop and maintain a detailed implementation schedule, which includes administrative tasks and all partners involved in the online professional program.
Track program changes and closely monitor the semester's day to day tasks.
Develop and produce updated timelines for required milestones as agreed with the Director of the online program.
Follow-up on the online professional diploma's deliverables each term.

2.    Management:

Adhere to the online program's milestones and deadlines on all task related activities.
Manage the day-to-day work with team members and departments.
Develop relationships with organizations, advisory board and associations that foster ties.
Work with the Director to achieve an understanding of expectations, deliverable, dependencies, risks, and progress and other KPI.

3.    Finance :

Set and manage budget expectations.
Monitor program budget and expenditures.
Calculate and provide profit allocation results with the required departments and ensure data accuracy.
Follow up with students on late payments.

4.    Communication and Marketing:

Communicate effectively with program partners to identify needs and evaluate alternative solutions.
Coordinate program events and activities.
Plan project publicity and press releases.
Develop and schedule Marketing initiatives throughout the year.
Establish and maintain a usable and well-communicated schedule to all stakeholders.
Communicate progress, risks, expectations, timelines, milestones and other key matters to further strengthen the program.
Job specification and requirements:
Master or PhD degree in Business Administration, Information Systems, Computer Science or any other related field.
Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders.
Excellent organizational skills with demonstrated ability to execute projects on time and on budget.
Strong interpersonal, communication, facilitation and presentation skills.
Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision.
Demonstrated ability to work in a small team setting.
Excellent computer skills, proficient with MS office applications.
Familiarity with the academic environment and/or online education is preferred.

Research Assistant Position in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department

Title: Numerical simulation of acoustic propagation and geomechanics testing of reservoir rocks.

Significance: Accurate estimations of the mechanical properties of reservoir rocks using geomechanics and acoustic propagation is important to enhance production and ensure safe drilling operations.

Profile: Currently a master student in Engineering

Bachelor in engineering (students with a background in mechanical or civil engineering are encouraged to apply)

Compensation: commensurate with education and relevant experience

Application procedure:​Candidates are requested to send their CV to Dr. Elsa Maalouf at and add the code NM2019 to the subject​

Research Assistant Position in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department

Title:  Reservoir rock characterization using acoustic measurements

Background: Bachelor degree in mechanical/civil engineering, or physics.

Qualifications: Graduate students planning to pursue a master's degree are encouraged to apply

Project objective:

  • Experimental work on ultrasonic measurements for reservoir rock characterization
  • Finite element numerical simulation of ultrasonic measurements

Compensation: commensurate with education and relevant experience

Application procedure: Candidates are requested to send their CV to Dr. Elsa Maalouf at and add the code AR2019 to the subject

Part-time / Full-time Research Assistant Position in Mechanical Engineering Department


We are seeking Research Assistants to work in the general areas of (1) uncertainty quantification and Bayesian inverse problems, and (2) multiscale modeling of complex systems. Applications will include fossil fuel combustion and reactive nano-materials. It is expected that the tools developed and implemented for these applications to be transferrable to multiple other domains (such as climate forecasting, design of alternative fuels, subsurface flows, and cosmology to name a few). 

The appointee(s) will conduct research work in close collaboration with researchers at NYU-Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the Johns Hopkins University, along with professors from the Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, and Physics departments at AUB. Collaboration with researchers from CNRS-Lebanon and KAUST is also possible. 

Duration: 6 months. 

Desirable Start Date: January 15, 2019.​

Salary: Commensurate with the highest degree earned and AUB's salary range for research assistants with that degree.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree in Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry. 
  • Prior experience with coding in at least one of the following languages: Fortran, C, C++.
  • Very knowledgeable in Matlab and/or Python.
  • Good grasp of and ability to handle advanced mathematical and physical concepts. 
  • Good analytical, writing, and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively. 


Desirable Qualifications:

  • Knowledgeable in at least one of these areas: probability theory, statistics, big data, machine learning, random sampling, stochastic models, optimization, molecular dynamics simulations, mutliscale modeling, nonlinear dynamics.
  • Prior experience in running jobs on HPC clusters.


  • Model development, algorithm development, code development.
  • data analysis and visualization.
  • Writing scientific papers and reports, presenting at meetings / conferences. 

Apply: Interested candidates are encouraged to send (1) a cover letter and (2) a detailed CV (in a single PDF file) by email to Dr. Leen Alawieh at also indicate in the email whether you are interested in a full-time or a part-time RA position.

For general questions or further details about the position, please send an email to

​​​​​​Part-Time Research Assistant Position -  Mechanical Engineering

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

American University of Beirut

We are seeking a research assistant to work on an industrial project focusing on defect detection in composite structures. The project involves the development of algorithms based on vibration data and machine learning to assess the state of the structure under study.

Students currently working towards a Master's degree in the Mechanical are encouraged to apply. The RA position is for one year and with the possibility of extension for an additional one year. The start date is November 2018.


 BE/ME in Mechanical Engineering 


Vibration, mechanical testing, instrumentation

Data analysis (Machine learning/pattern recognition)

​Application procedure:

Interested candidate should send their CV and a short cover letter in one document to Dr Samir Mustapha at

​​Full-time Research Assistant Position​ in the Vision and Robotics Lab (VRL) 

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering & Architecture (MSFEA)

American University of Beirut​


Bachelor degree in Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics engineering or a related field is a must, master degree is preferred. A minor in communication skills and English or technical writing is a plus.


Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics or a related field.

Main Duties: 

  • Identify sources of funding, write proposals, coordinate all aspects of the submission process (coordination among partners, budget, required documents, interface with AUB units, interface with funding agency, etc…)
  • Manage awarded grants (hiring, orders, finances, reporting, etc…)
  • Be heavily involved in developing and contributing to documents (research papers, reports, patents, articles, news releases, manage submission processes, etc…)
  • Explore possible collaborations and partnerships with colleagues at AUB, colleagues at other universities and organizations all around the world
  • Develop IRB applications and follow up (when applicable)
  • Organizing VRL events (workshops, schools, seminars, etc…) including all logistics
  • Coordinate with collaborators and external organizations
  • Identify opportunities for students (post-docs, internships, training, schools, etc…)


  • Research skills
  • High technical writing skills especially proposals, research reports, patents, etc…
  • High management skills


6 months with prospects for extension.

Application procedure:

Interested candidate should send their CV and a short cover letter in one document to Dr. Imad Elhajj at ​​

​​Full Time or Part Time Research Assistant Position -  Mechanical Engineering

​Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

American University of Beirut

Position is open for
1) Students currently working towards a Master’s degree in the ME department


2) Non AUB students who have compl​eted a BE/BS degree in a related specialization 

Job description: To perform experimental and FEM simulations of tasks related to the currently QNRF funded research grant “Characterizing the impact loading response of friction-stirred welded (FSW) bimetallic joints”.

Compensation: commensurate with education and relevant experience.

Apply: please email CV and names/contact information to

Professor Ramsey Hamade
Mechanical Engineering
American University of Beirut

P.O.Box: 11-0236
Riad El Solh, Beirut 1107 2020, Lebanon
961-135-0000 Ext: 3481