Research Assistant Positions

Research Assistant position in Biodegradable Plastics:

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering & Architecture (MSFEA),

American University of Beirut


Bachelor degree in chemical or mechanical engineering. Graduate students enrolled in a Master's program, in a related field, are encouraged to apply.


The use of commodity plastics, especially polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene are growing day by day. Every year 25 million tons of synthetic plastics are being accumulated in the sea coasts and terrestrial environment. Polyethylene as an example constitutes 64% of the total synthetic plastic as it is being used in huge quantity for the manufacture of bottles, carry bags, disposable articles, garbage containers, margarine tubs, milk jugs, and water pipe. Similarly, in the marine environment alone, out of total marine waste, plastic shares about 60-80% by mass.

Plastics are inert, that is resistant to biodegradation. But generally, the main environmental disadvantage of plastic materials is that they do not readily break down in the environment and therefore can litter the natural environment. Using biodegradable plastics can reduce the amount of plastics in landfills. The use of biodegradable polymers is increasing at a rate of 30% per year in some markets worldwide. Noting the high market potential for bioplastic materials, it is evident that there are great opportunities ahead. However, there are challenges that need to be overcome to improve the competiveness of bioplastic materials. As a result, significant attention must be paid to fully understand how to manipulate final material properties for various applications.

The main objectives of this research are to:

  1. Develop a simple but effective way to modify nano fillers and improve their compatibility with desirable polymer matrix since dispersion of fillers directly affects the final structure and hence the final properties of biodegradable plastic nanocomposites.
  2. Design an effective experimental technique to effectively fabricate biodegradable plastic nanocomposites with uniformly dispersed nanoparticles and to establish optimal processing-structure-property relations to facilitate the design of these nanocomposites for specific applications.

Application procedure:

Interested candidates should send their CVs to Dr. Yousef Mubarak at, Dr. Mu'Tasem Shehadeh at, or Dr. Alissar Yehya at​.

Research Assistant position in Smart Phase Change Materials

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering & Architecture (MSFEA)

American University of Beirut​


Bachelor degree in chemical/civil/mechanical/industrial engineering. Graduate students enrolled in a Master's program, in a related field, are encouraged to apply.


Phase change materials (PCMs) have been widely used for latent heat storage to reduce energy consumption. However, PCMs suffers from major drawbacks, among these are: the undercooling and the spontaneous release of energy during solidification. We intend to use this drawback as an advantage to lock the material in its liquid phase and prevent the release of the stored energy, until needed. This is done by enforcing an artificial energy barrier that can be controlled regardless of the ambient temperature.

The candidate is expected to develop a good understanding of the nucleation and crystallization theories and do an experimental work to test the different triggering methods and how to control undercooling and solidification rates.

Application procedure:

Interested candidates should send their CVs to Dr. Alissar Yehya at or Dr. Yousef Mubarak at ​

Full-time or Part-time Research Assistant Position - Electrical and Computer Engineering / Mechanical Engineering

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

American University of Beirut

Position is open for:

1) Students who are currently working towards a Master’s degree in the ECE / ME departments


2) Non-AUB students who have completed a BE/BS degree in a related specialization.​

Job description: To assist in the research of a unified framework that combines bandwidth management with motion control of robotic swarms. 

Qualifications: Applicants should have a solid background in networking, communication, and control systems.

Compensation: Commensurate with education and relevant experience.

Application: please email CV and names/contact information to Dr. Naseem Daher at

Graphic Designer in Mapping and Visualization

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

American University of Beirut​

Scope of work: full-time

Period: 1 year, renewable


The Urban Lab (Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, AUB) is looking to hire a full-time graphic designer to work at the Urban lab's visualization unit which produces maps, infographics and other data visualizations accompanying research efforts carried out by the Lab.

The designer's main task will be to conceptualize, design and produce maps and other infographics, supporting research efforts around urban issues such as building developments in Beirut, protection of the seafront, urban post-war recovery, urban governance, public spaces, and others.​

As junior designer, this person will report to the Visualization Unit's creative director.


  • Engage in discussion sessions with research teams to better understand research results and/or directions,
  • Work within a small design team to propose visualization directions for a particular dataset or project
  • Refine, edit and finalize maps based on decisions taken by the team,
  • Prepare final artwork of maps aimed for either publishing in print or web (newspaper article, book, exhibition, website, etc)
  • Occasionally assisting in the logistics for organizing events around data visualization and mapping



  • Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in Graphic design or the equivalent experience,
  • Candidates with degrees from a related design discipline (Communication Design, Urban design, Architecture, etc) are welcome to apply.
  • Knowledge of desktop publishing software (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign…) is required. Knowledge of web publishing software as well as digital mapping platforms and GIS is a plus. 
  • Candidates need to be able to work in English and in Arabic.

Please send your CV and portfolio with a cover letter stating your interest in the job to Dounia Salamé (, using the line “Urban Lab Graphic Designer" in the email title. Applications will start being reviewed on the October 16th, 2019,​ and evaluation will be conducted on rolling basis, until position is filled. ​

About the Urban Lab

The “Urban Lab" is a new entity in The American University in Beirut, affiliated to the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, more specifically to the Architecture and Design Department, and gathers a number of research tracks and initiatives. Its aim is to become a reference in the study of contemporary urbanization from the Global South, especially in our Arabic-speaking region. It will be conducting research activities, organizing conferences and workshops, publishing reports and work-in-progress updates, and will be linked to the teaching components of the Architecture and Design Department.

You can see examples of similar visualization work here and here.

​​​​Research Positions Available - Baha and Walid Bassatne Department of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy​

Title: Numerical simulation of acoustic propagation and geomechanics testing of reservoir rocks.

Significance: Accurate estimations of the mechanical properties of reservoir rocks using geomechanics and acoustic propagation is important to enhance production and ensure safe drilling operations.

Profile: Currently a master student in Engineering

Bachelor in engineering (students with a background in mechanical or civil engineering are encouraged to apply)

Compensation: commensurate with education and relevant experience

Application procedure:​ Candidates are requested to send their CV to Dr. Elsa Maalouf at and add the code NM2019 to the subject​

​​Research Positions Available - Baha and Walid Bassatne Department of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy

Title:  Reservoir rock characterization using acoustic measurements

Background: Bachelor degree in mechanical/civil engineering, or physics.

Qualifications: Graduate students planning to pursue a master's degree are encouraged to apply

Project objective:

  • Experimental work on ultrasonic measurements for reservoir rock characterization
  • Finite element numerical simulation of ultrasonic measurements

Compensation: commensurate with education and relevant experience

Application procedure: Candidates are requested to send their CV to Dr. Elsa Maalouf at and add the code AR2019 to the subject

​​Full-time Research Assistant Position​ in the Vision and Robotics Lab (VRL) 

Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering & Architecture (MSFEA)

American University of Beirut​


Bachelor degree in Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics engineering or a related field is a must, master degree is preferred. A minor in communication skills and English or technical writing is a plus.


Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics or a related field.

Main Duties: 

  • Identify sources of funding, write proposals, coordinate all aspects of the submission process (coordination among partners, budget, required documents, interface with AUB units, interface with funding agency, etc…)
  • Manage awarded grants (hiring, orders, finances, reporting, etc…)
  • Be heavily involved in developing and contributing to documents (research papers, reports, patents, articles, news releases, manage submission processes, etc…)
  • Explore possible collaborations and partnerships with colleagues at AUB, colleagues at other universities and organizations all around the world
  • Develop IRB applications and follow up (when applicable)
  • Organizing VRL events (workshops, schools, seminars, etc…) including all logistics
  • Coordinate with collaborators and external organizations
  • Identify opportunities for students (post-docs, internships, training, schools, etc…)


  • Research skills
  • High technical writing skills especially proposals, research reports, patents, etc…
  • High management skills


6 months with prospects for extension.

Application procedure:

Interested candidate should send their CV and a short cover letter in one document to Dr. Imad Elhajj at ​​