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Strategic Initiatives Maroun Semaan Research and Outreach Support Unit

​​​​​​​​​The Dean’s Office has launched four strategic research initiatives of the Maroun Semaan Endowment in July 2018 and two others in February 2021, and an outreach support mechanism in January 2020. All MSFEA faculty members who have a full-time non-visiting professorial rank are eligible to apply.​ More information about each initiative is available below.

  • Protected Time: provides MSFEA faculty members with more dedicated time for research through course buy-outs.​

Call for Applications
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  • Equipment Grants: supports​ the purchase of major research-dedicated scientific equipment.

Call for Applications


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  • Visiting Scholars: consists of hosting in MSFEA visiting scholars with whom MSFEA faculty may work to develop international collaborations which can open up funding opportunities in the home countries of foreign institutions.


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  • Proposal and Paper Editing:​ supports​ faculty members in technical editing of their extramural grant proposals and journal manuscripts.​

Email your proposal or manuscript to the Dean’s Office

  • Center Incubator Grants: provide 3 years of support ($30-$50k/yr) for multi-investigator research teams pursuing issue-driven research. It is envisioned that these grants will enable teams to strengthen their track records and research visibility, and will make teams more competitive for a Semaan Research Center grant. Incubator grants may be renewed once. ​

  • Research Center Startup Program: provides research teams up to 5 years of funding (up to $200k/yr) to establish self-sufficient research centers.

    Center incubator grants are meant to support teams that are up-and-coming, while research center grants are for teams that are internationally visible and well-established. Both programs will support issue-driven research that leverages the context of Lebanon and/or the region as a competitive advantage.

  • Outreach Support Mechanism (OSM)​ - Seed Fund​s and Travel: provides MSFEA faculty members with the opportunity to establish and manage outreach activities that support both faculty members and institutional growth. The OSM will provide financial support to facilitate collaboration with internationally recognized universities, research centers as well as industries.

​​​​Applications procedure, evaluation criteria, and deadlines

  • ​Industry Consultancy Projects

Protected time awardees

Fall 2021-2022

  • Carla Aramouny
  • Daniel Asmar
  • Mariette Awad
  • Mayssa Dabaghi
  • Mona Fawaz
  • Ibrahim Issa
  • Rouwaida Kanj
  • Walid Saad

Fall 2020-2021

  • Rana Bilbeisi
  • Hazem Hajj
  • Rouwaida Kanj
  • Mohammad Mansour (Maroun Semaan Scholar)
  • Nadine Moacdieh​

Spring 2019-2020

  • Jason Amatoury
  • Fouad Azizi
  • Naseem Daher
  • Imad Elhajj
  • Mona Harb
  • Massoud Khraiche
  • Rami Mhanna (Maroun Semaan Scholar)
  • Fadi Zaraket

Fall 2019-2020

  • Rouwaida Kanj
  • Rami Mhanna
  • Samir Mustapha (Maroun Semaan Scholar)
  • Elie Shammas
  • Ali Tehrani

​S​pring 2018-2019

  • Jason Amatoury
  • Daniel Asmar
  • Mariette Award
  • Joseph Costantine (Maroun Semaan Scholar)
  • Naseem Daher
  • Rana Haddad
  • Massoud Khraiche
  • Issam Srour
  • Fadi Zaraket​​​

Equipment grant awards

AY 201​9-2020

  • Laser milling machine

AY 201​8-2019​

  • A dynamic mechanical analysis instrument which can be used to characterize the behavior of a wide range of materials
  • An optical profiler which enables non-contact surface measurements of micro- and nano-scale surface features

Maroun Semaan Virtual Faculty Research Lab

  • dynamic mechanical analysis instrument can be used to characterize the behavior of a wide range of materials as a function of time, temperature and frequency (Model: DMA 8000 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer- PerkinElmer).
    • Custodian: Samir Mustapha (Ghassan Deeb will arrange/assist in the testing); 
    • Location: IOEC 409
  • Keysight PNA-X 67 GHz network analyzer (extendable to 120 GHz) for the characterization and measurement of microwave devices, and circuits. This equipment supports research in the areas of 5G communications, IoT devices, and sensors among others.
    • Custodian: Joseph Costantine and Youssef Tawk; 
    • Location: SRB- B159- Antenna measurement chamber
  • A laser milling machine, LPKF proto-laser S4 that allows precision manufacturing and milling of circuits down to a microscale with extremely high accuracy. This machine can be used for fabrication in a wide range of research areas across engineering disciplines.
    • Custodian: Joseph Costantine and Youssef Tawk; 
    • Location: IOEC 5th floor (exact room TBD)
  • holographic optical profilometer that enables non-contact surface measurements of micro- and nano-scale surface features.
    • Custodian: Massoud Khraiche
    • Location: IOEC 424


  • For visiting scholars and proposal and paper editing, there is no deadline. Applications are received and evaluated on a rolling basis.
  • For the Protected Time initiative, applications for Spring 2021-2022​ are due on September 6, 2021.

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