Dean's Award for Creative Achievement​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Dean's Award for Creative Achievement is an annual honorary award given to a student in each undergraduate program who has demonstrated outstanding creativity in her/his approach to academic work in projects, problem solving, and/or laboratory and shop work.

Amineh Kassem2018-2019Architecture
Hammam Abu Hatab2018-2019Industrial Engineering and Management
Kareem Kaddoura2018-2019Industrial Engineering and Management
Nadim Yatim2018-2019Industrial Engineering and Management
Zein Elabdin Zaher2018-2019Industrial Engineering and Management
Rawad Hachem2018-2019Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Racha Moubarak2018-2019Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Ali Moukhadder2018-2019Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Natalia Sandra Wehbe2018-2019Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Omar Husami2018-2019Civil and Environmental Engineeing
Mohammad Ajeeb2018-2019Civil and Environmental Engineeing
Lina Hassoun2018-2019Civil and Environmental Engineeing
Ibrahim Al Masri2018-2019Civil and Environmental Engineeing
Farah Fadel2018-2019Mechanical Engineering
Nour El Hoda Khalifeh2018-2019Mechanical Engineering
Roy Khalil2018-2019Mechanical Engineering
Rudy Youssef2018-2019Mechanical Engineering
Karim Chamseddine2018-2019Computer and Communications Design
Johnny El Hajj2018-2019Computer and Communications Design
Nassib Khoury2018-2019Computer and Communications Design
Ali Hallal2018-2019Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rim Cherri2018-2019Electrical and Computer Engineering
Batoul Al Hage2018-2019Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rachan Doughman2017-2018Architecture
Sarah Saroufim2017-2018Graphic Design
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