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Distinguished Graduate Award

​​​The Distinguished Gra​duate Award is an annual honorary award made to a graduating student from each of the undergraduate majors for outstanding academic achievement, character, and contribution to the department.

Aya El Katerji2022-2023Architecture and Design
Naim Zgeib2022-2023Architecture and Design
Maya Najjar2022-2023Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rewa Snih2022-2023Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Electrical and Computer Engineering2022-2023Electrical and Computer Engineering
Amine Ghoussaini2022-2023Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mohammad Fares El Hajj Chehade2022-2023Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joseph Soueidy2022-2023Industrial Engineering and Management
Aya Sabeayoun2022-2023Mechanical Engineering
Marwa Faraj2022-2023Biomedical Engineering
Ali Malli2021-2022Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Vanessa El Khoury2021-2022Civil and Environmental Engineering
Georges Haidar2021-2022Computer and Communication Engineering
Hani Al Jamal2021-2022Electrical and Computer Engineering
Charbel Chucri2021-2022Computer Science Engineering
Celine Dibo2021-2022Industrial Engineering and Management
Souhaib Hassan Hammoud2021-2022Mechanical Engineering
Sara Rafeh2021-2022Architecture
Jana Kibbi2021-2022Graphic Design
Hala Al Taher2020-2021Architecture
Myriam Khoury2020-2021Graphic Design
Nazek Naja2020-2021Civil and Environmental Engineering
Georges Abou Khalil2020-2021Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Cedric Feghali2020-2021Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nourhane Abdel Samad2020-2021Computer and Communications Engineering
Joy Haddad2020-2021Industrial Engineering and Management
Jad Rammal2020-2021Mechanical Engineering
Anthony Wanna2019-2020Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Assile Chehab2019-2020Graphic Design
Nicol Yamine2019-2020Architecture
Magalie Aoun2019-2020Industrial Engineering and Management
Karl Salameh2019-2020Computer and Communications Engineering
Hasan Abed El Kader Hammoud 2019-2020Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jalal Helou2019-2020Mechanical Engineering
Stavros Xanthopoulos2019-2020Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maha Sabalbal2018-2019Architecture
Andrea Hayek2018-2019Graphic Design
Ali Moukhadder2018-2019Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
George Geha2018-2019Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dana Abou Ali2018-2019Computer and Communications Engineering
Mosbah Aouad2018-2019Electrical and Computer Engineering
Emilien Raggi2018-2019Industrial Engineering and Management
Farah Fadel2018-2019Mechanical Engineering
Karen Madi2017-2018Architecture
Tala Chehade2017-2018Graphic Design
Oula Ghanem2017-2018Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Nadim Hamad2017-2018Civil and Environmental Engineering
Marwan Maalouf2017-2018Computer and Communications Engineering
Elie Libbos2017-2018Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tracy Hraoui2017-2018Industrial Engineering and Management
Aya El-Murr2017-2018Mechanical Engineering
Reina Youssef2016-2017Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Daniel Farhat2016-2017Mechanical Engineering
Ghida Chehab2016-2017Architecture
Karima Deghayli2016-2017Graphic Design
Ahmad Ghalayini2016-2017Computer and Communications Engineering
Anthony El Raachini2016-2017Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mohammad Hallal2016-2017Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lori Kharpoutlian2015-2016Architecture
Ghofran Akil2015-2016Graphic Design
Charbel Sebaaly2015-2016Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Omar El Masri2015-2016Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hala Khodr2015-2016Electrical and Computer Engineering
Galileo Husseini2015-2016Computer and Communications Engineering
Wael Hajj Ali2015-2016Mechanical Engineering
Marylynn F. Antaki2014-2015Architecture
Hani J. Fayad2014-2015Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Sherif A. Koyess2014-2015Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jimmy J. Saade2014-2015Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ramzi M. Kanaan2014-2015Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dana G. Rahbani2014-2015Mechanical Engineering
Acile Bassam Sfeir2013-2014Architecture
Jamal Ghazi Saleh2013-2014Graphic Design
Karim Ali Khalil2013-2014Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Sarah Fayad Kayali EL Alem2013-2014Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jean-Marc Nouhad Sfeir2013-2014Computer and Communications Engineering
Hussein Mohammad Hazimeh2013-2014Electrical and Computer Engineering
Farah Kamal Cheaib2013-2014Mechanical Engineering
Thea Michel Hallak 2012-2013Architecture
Nadia Mustapha Deghayli 2012-2013Graphic Design
Marwan Afif Sarieddine 2012-2013Civil and Environmental Engineering
Sara Jean Mourad 2012-2013Computer and Communications Engineering
Ziad Saleh Ayman Shehadeh 2012-2013Electrical and Computer Engineering
Caren Georges Serhal 2012-2013Mechanical Engineering
Salame Joseph Haddad 2012-2013Chemical Engineering and Advanced Energy
Baraa Anwar Yakzan 2011-2012Architecture
Badih Bassam Ghazi 2011-2012Electrical and Computer Engineering
Farah Samir Demachkieh 2011-2012Electrical and Computer Engineering
Elio Jean Abi Karam 2011-2012Electrical and Computer Engineering
Paul Marcel El Khoury 2011-2012Mechanical Engineering
Antoine Joseph Atallah2010-2011Architecture
Roubina Avedis Tutunjian2010-2011Graphic Design
Mai Mohamad Khattab2010-2011Civil and Environmental Engineering
Fadel Mustapha Adib2010-2011Electrical and Computer Engineering
Izzat Ali El-Hajj2010-2011Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mohamad Hussein Mirhi2010-2011Mechanical Engineering
Yousef Ishaq Abed Rabboh2009-2010Graphic Design
Fadi Antoine Wakim2009-2010Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jad Elia Makhlouta2009-2010Electrical and Computer Engineering
Charles Chebl Mourani2009-2010Electrical and Computer Engineering
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