Fawzi W. Azar Award (Established in 1996)

​The Azar Award is a $15,000 scholarship given annually to a fourth year student(s) in Architecture at AUB​​. It is one of the most prestigious and targeted awards that honors students based on merit and their ability to develop a full architecture brief.

ELIGIBILITY: All fourth year students who have met their requirements (passed successfully vertical studios 3 and 4)​​

Jane Mary Chalfoun2019-2020
Elias Chamoun 2019-2020
Amina Kassem2018-2019Second Prize
Christina Battikha2018-2019First Prize
Mohamad Nahle2017-2018First Prize
Emil Abou Hamdan2017-2018Second Prize
Lea Ramadan2017-2018Third Prize
Yasmine Atoui2016-2017Second Prize
Yasmeen Arkadan2016-2017First Prize
Souraya Fathallah2015-2016First Prize
Ayla Hourani 2015-2016Second Prize
Ali Abo Tabik2015-2016Second Prize
Ali Khodr2014-2015First Prize
Christina Attiyeh2014-2015Second Prize
Wael Mashini2013-2014First Prize
Rami Kanafani 2012-2013First Prize
Ahmad Nouraldeen 2012-2013Second Prize
Dana Mazraani 2011-2012Second Prize
Mona Shaar 2011-2012First Prize
Rana Haddad2010-2011First Prize
Julie Haddad2009-2010First Prize
Dara Dajani Daoudi2009-2010Second Prize
Haig Papazian2007-2008First Prize
Rola Idriss2006-2007First Prize
Rana Zeidan2006-2007Second Prize
Nicolas Fayyad2006-2007Second Prize
Stephanie Akkaoui2005-2006First Prize
Candice Naim2005-2006Second Prize
Roula El-Khury2004-2005First Prize
Sandra Rishani2003-2004First Prize
Rabih Ghanem2002-2003First Prize
Ramzi Mezher2002-2003First Prize
Lina Ghotmeh2001-2002First Prize
Tarek Barhoum2001-2002First Prize
Bassam Zeino2000-2001First Prize
Tarek Sinno2000-2001First Prize
Nader Kehdi1999-2000First Prize
Karim Nader1997-1998First Prize
Michele Maria1997-1998First Prize
Michael Habib1996-1997First Prize
Mustapha Madi1996-1997First Prize