George R. Rais Architecture Award​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The George R. Rais Architecture Award​ is an annual award for the top three students in their third year of the architecture program: first $8,000; second ​$5,000; and third $3,000.​

2018-2019ArchitectureFirst Prize
2018-2019ArchitectureFirst Prize
2018-2019ArchitectureSecond Prize
2018-2019ArchitectureThird Prize
2018-2019ArchitectureThird Prize
2017-2018ArchitectureFirst Prize
2017-2018ArchitectureSecond Prize
2017-2018ArchitectureThird Prize
2016-2017ArchitectureFirst Prize
2016-2017Architecture First Prize
2016-2017Architecture Second Prize
2016-2017Architecture Third Prize
2015-2016Architecture First Prize
2015-2016Architecture Second Prize
2015-2016Architecture Third Prize
2014-2015Architecture First Prize
2014-2015Architecture Second Prize
2014-2015ArchitectureThird Prize