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  • What are the application requirements for the MUPP/MUD programs?

    ​Students are required to submit a complete graduate application online. For more, see Admissions to the MUPP/MUD Programs or GSC.

  • What are the course requirements for the MUPP and MUD Programs?

    The full course requirements are available online.

  • What is the difference between the MUPP and MUD programs?

    The MUPP and MUD programs are similar in that they both offer professional degrees empowering their graduates to analyze and intervene on cities and regions. While MUPP students retain however a more general training that focuses on the institutional mechanisms of planning (e.g. laws, regulations, policies ) and develop a specialization in the tools and areas of their choice (e.g. housing, land use, transportation, government, etc.), MUD students are required to demonstrate a command of design tools as the mechanisms of intervention (e.g. form-based regulations, landscape design, public/open space design, etc.)

    In terms of enrollment, only sthat they both offer professional degrees empowering their graduates to analyze and intervene on cities and regions. While MUPP students retain however a more general training that focuses on the institutional mechanisms of planning (e.g. ltudents with a background in architectural or landscape design are admitted to the MUD program. There are no exceptions to this rule because the MUD degree is a terminal design accreditation offered internationally only to holders to of a first design degree. The MUPP program accepts a wider range of undergraduate degree holders, including all the fields of social sciences (e.g. economics, public administration, sociology, anthropology, politics, etc.), holders of a first professional degree (e.g. engineering, public health, etc.) and others. In special cases, applicants to the MUPP program are accepted outside the designated field as prospective students and required to take additional credits before they formally join the program.

    In terms of curriculum requirements, students enrolled in both program share a common core (Planning Theory, Research Methods, Urban Studies) and participate in a multi-disciplinary joint workshop (Planning and Design Workshop) where they are required to investigate together complementary intervention strategies. In addition, students enrolled in the MUD program are required to take another 6-credit Landscape and Design Workshop and to develop a thesis in which they investigate design-related interventions. MUPP students take two elective courses (6 cr.) in an area of specialization agreed upon with their academic advisor. All in all, students enrolled in the MUD program are required to take a total of 36 credits while MUPP students are required to take 33 credits. Both programs require a thesis for graduation.

  • Can I enroll in the MUD program with a degree in Interior Design?

    Enrollment in the MUD program is limited to students who hold a five-year degree in Architecture or Landscape Architecture. Students with a degree in Interior Design can enroll as prospective students in the MUPP program. They will be required to take 1-3 pre-requisite courses before becoming regular students.

  • What type of courses are available at the graduate level for students pursuing the MUPP/MUD degrees?

    Students will have to take the required core courses at the MUPP and MUD program. Many of our students however elect to take their elective courses in Business, Public Health, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Economics, and others. MUPP and MUD students may also take up to two tutorial courses as part of their coursework. For these tutorials, they may arrange for an individualized program of study with a particular professor who has shown expertise in the area of studies. They will need to coordinate this choice with their academic advisor.

  • Is it possible to take MUPP and MUD courses without applying to these programs?

    It is possible to apply as a Visiting Student or as a Special Student Not Working for a Degree in order to take courses at AUB. Students at the graduate level may take all MUPP and MUD courses except design studios, which are reserved to students with advanced design degrees.

  • What level of English is required for the MUPP/MUD program?

    Since the language of instruction at AUB is English, the MUPP/MUD Programs require of all its students a high level of proficiency in English. Non-native speakers of English who are graduates of universities where the language of instruction is not English will be required to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or its equivalent. For updated information on the score requirements for various tests, please check the most recent AUB graduate catalogue.

  • What are the fees for the MUPP/MUD programs?

    The tuition fees for course registration and thesis registration are listed online. The cost of the MA thesis is paid once and covers a student's thesis registration for four semesters. Students will also incur further administrative fees during their registration.

  • What form of financial aid is available through MUPP/MUD?

    A limited number of graduate assistantships are available each semester. Students employed as graduate assistants at MUPP/MUD perform a number of administrative tasks in return for a waiver of their tuition fees. A graduate assistantship application is included in the MA application or may be downloaded from the Office of Admissions web page. For more information on financial aid, please check the Office of Financial Aid .

  • Is it possible to contact some current or former students?

    Please contact if you would like to get in touch with current or former students.​

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