Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering (BS)

​​​​​Program Educational Objectives 

The program is based on a set of educational objectives that fall under the following themes: 

Civil Engineering – Fundamentals and Design: 

  • To impart a sound understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of civil engineering. 
  • To impart the knowledge of basic and applied engineering design used in the construction industry, and in the specialty field of construction engineering. 

Construction Engineering – Basic Skills, Principles, and Technologies:

  • To help students develop the engineering principles and the mathematical, scientific, and computational skills required to formulate and solve construction engineering problems which include construction planning, processes, methods, materials, equipment, safety, and cost. 
  • To encourage independent thinking and the use of novel technologies in order to propose creative solutions and meet technical challenges. 

Construction Engineering - Professional and Business Context: 

  • To prepare students for leading roles in the profession and the community by promoting issues of professional and ethical conduct. 
  • To impart an understanding of management concerns in construction such as economics, business, statistics, leadership, and decision methods. 
  • To instill in students the interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills necessary to perform professionally and make sound decisions in conditions of risk and uncertainty. 

Contemporary Issues and Social Context: 

  • To equip students with the ability to use modern experimental and computational tools in the design and evaluation of the economic, environmental, and social impact of construction engineering solutions. 
  • To develop in students the ability to integrate construction engineering fundamentals with contemporary applications and issues facing the construction industry.