​The mission of the CE undergraduate programs is to provide a stimulating and supportive environment for high-standard education and research; to prepare graduates for life-long learning and productive careers, while instilling in them an appreciation of leadership qualities, professionalism, and ethics; to provide professional services of the highest quality to the community; and to contribute, through teaching and research, to expanding the knowledge and technology base in civil and environmental engineering.

The mission of the master’s programs (CE, EWRE, ET) is to prepare students through teaching and research for in-depth knowledge in the various fields of civil and environmental engineering. They provide graduates with the necessary tools for professional practice and the pursuit of higher education.

The mission of the PhD programs (CE and EWRE) is for the graduates of the programs to cultivate an expertise in specialized concentration areas, develop an ability to formulate and study original ideas, attain an enhanced level of written and oral communication skills, and acquire teaching expertise through tutoring and assisting in courses and labs.​​​