Track in Control and Robotics

​​​The ECE Track in Control and Robotics provides a coherent academic framework between the ECE and ME departments in the area of control, instrumentation, and robotics. This track supports interested undergraduate ECE and ME students in pursuing additional control system modeling and design as given in either department based on their individual preferences. This track is open to all undergraduate ECE and ME students and will be indicated, upon its completion, on the transcript of participating students.

ECE students interested in taking the Control and Robotics track must satisfy the following course requirements:

  • EECE 460 (3 cr.)
  • EECE 461 (3 cr.)
  • EECE 460L (1 cr.)
  • One elective from list A (Control)
  • One elective from list B (Robotics)
  • One elective from either list A, B or C
  • Total number of credits: 16

Elective Lists

  • List A- Control: EECE 660/MECH 653, EECE 662/MECH 655, EECE 663/MECH 656, EECE 665/MECH 654, and EECE 669/MECH 648
  • List B- Robotics: EECE 560/MECH 530, EECE 661/MECH 641, EECE 697/MECH 646, and EECE 698/MECH 650
  • List C- Others: EECE 463/MECH 555, EECE 692/MECH ​642, and EECE 699/MECH 647