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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Online Graduate Professional Diploma

F​ully Online (Asynchronous)​
7​ courses​
9-12​ months

​Base price per credit:
​Total cost:
(excluding the 3 preparatory courses)

For applicants with relevant background​​ *
For applicants requiring prerequisite courses​​​​​​​
​​​  Application deadline
​August 12, 2024
​  Next start date
August 26, 2024
May 1, 2024​**
* Applicants with a technical background in computer programming, statistics, linear algebra, & calculus
** ​Prerequisites are now available to take at your own pace at any time throughout the year. If you are planning to join either in the Fall or Spring semesters, then you will need to complete the prerequisites 2 weeks ahead of the start of the semester. 

Discover how the AI & DS program can enhance your career opportunities

The Online Professional Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science​ is the first of its kind in the MENA region, providing you with the skills needed to design and implement AI and DS applications. Unlike other online programs, this diploma uncovers AI and DS concepts in several contexts while focusing on regionally relevant applications and the integration of ethics as a core component. Students from all backgrounds interested in being part of this exciting field in tech can join this diploma.

​​​The Online Artificial Intelligence and Data Science diploma promises to offer you a competitive edge in multiple high-demand fields that require data scientists, data analysts, and AI and machine learning specialists such as health, engineering, business, the social sciences, and digital humanities.​
The diploma is a joint program offered by the Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (MSFEA) and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) in collaboration with faculty members from Suliman ​S. Olayan School of Business (OS​B) and the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)​.​

What You Will Gain

  • ​Advanced knowledge in data science principles to prepare data for AI applications.

  • Up to date skills to train various machine learning models for AI applications.

  • Expertise in building real-world regionally and internationally driven AI applications in various domains such as Arabic natural language processing, business, and health.

  • Comprehensive understanding of ethical issues related to AI applications.

Your Learning Journey

The AI & DS program offers a flexible and interactive online delivery of the curriculum within a structured learning path. The program requires completing 7 courses, equivalent to 12 credit hours. To best suit your needs as a working professional, you can choose to complete the program at your own pace as your schedule allows.​

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for this program, you should have an undergraduate bachelor's degree or its equivalent from AUB or other recognized institutions of higher learning. Student admission recommendations require the approval of the faculty graduate studies committee (FGSC).​​

  • No prior work experience needed.

  • Applicants with no prior background from a relevant field will be required to take up to 3 preparatory courses (1 credit each).  The Faculty graduate studies committee will decide which preparatory courses are needed for each applicant. 

  • Applicants with relevant background are waived from the 3 preparatory courses (1 credit each), but the courses remain optional as a refresher.

Tuition & Fees

Pay as you go.​

  • Base price per credit: $300 ​
  • Total program tuition: $3,600* (excluding the 3 preparatory courses)

Benefit from the Early Bird Seat by paying the full program tuition fee before the start date to get 10% off!

* For applicants taking the 3 preparatory courses, an additional 900$ fee applies, bringing the total tuition fees to $4,500.​*** Payments can only be made in USD.​​

Corporate tuition rates are available, reach​ out for more information.​

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