Minor in Engineering Management

​​​​​​​​​Students obtaining an Engineering Management (EM) minor alongside their Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree at AUB will have the classroom opportunity to communicate effectively with peers and interact successfully with associates from different disciplines.
EM minor students should be able to:

  • Assess the economic feasibility of a design for an engineered system. 
  • Understand and explain the professional and ethical duties and obligations of an engineer. 
  • Understand, build and use models that aid decision making in engineering and management contexts. Examples of such models are:
    - Deterministic optimization models exploiting complex tradeoffs
    - Stochastic representations analyzing risk and uncertainty​
    - Project management and control techniques.

Download the Minor plan​


The Engineering Management program offers a minor in engineering management that can be pursued by undergraduate engineering and architecture students, as well as by students from related majors, starting as early as the fall semester of their third year of enrollment. Only students who have a cumulative average of 70 or more are eligible to apply for the minor. To satisfy the requirements of this minor, a student must earn 18 credits of course work from the engineering management course offerings as follows: