IEM Research

​​​​​Faculty members at the IEM department are engaged in world-class research, in cutting edge areas, which often results in publications in top-tier journals.

The main IEM research areas (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Engineering Design
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Mathematical Optimization
  • Occupational Biomechanics
  • Product Development
  • Project Management
  • Retail Operations Management
  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  • Stochastic Processes and Queuing Systems

IEM faculty members have also been active in soliciting funding for their research. The amount of funds they obtained from outside and insider AUB in the past five years is around one million dollars. Funding sources include University Research Board (AUB), Dar Al-Handasah, John Deere, and Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research, Munib and Angela Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources (AUB), and Qatar National Research Fund.

Much of the research funding obtained by IEM faculty is utilized in supporting the research of our master students. Engineering management graduate students have been active in research over the past 30 years, under close supervision and continuous mentoring of IEM faculty members.

Finally, the IEM department strives to provide its faculty and students with adequate resources. State-of-the-art software packages and hardware (servers) are available for usage by our faculty and students in the Simulation and Optimization Lab​. Moreover, the Ergonomics Lab is currently being equipped to meet the needs of faculty and students in relevant ergonomics and human factors engineering area.

One important resource we have is the up-to-date and comprehensive set of scientific journal databases, reference books, and the training provided by AUB Libraries.