Educational Objectives

​​​​​​Undergraduate: Program Educational Objectives

Graduates of the IE program will be able to:

  1. Assume leading roles in a range of industries that use the field of industrial engineering, including manufacturing and service. 
  2. Effectively participate in, coordinate, and manage diverse teams of engineers and analysts, especially in large-scale systems.
  3. Pursue advanced degrees in industrial engineering and other related fields at reputable regional and international universities. 
  4. Appreciate the importance of professional ethics and actively use their knowledge and experience to the benefit of the community. ​​

Graduate: Program Educational Objectives​

Graduates of the Engineering Management program will be able to:

  1.  Assume managerial and leadership positions in technical and non-technical environments. 
  2.   Maximize efficiency and safety in complex systems.
  3.   Engage in research in engineering management and closely-related fields.
  4.   Communicate engineering concepts effectively, both in oral and written form.
  5.   Engage in lifelong learning.