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Dual Degree in Engineering Management and Energy Studies

​The dual Master degree program in the Engineering Management and Energy Studies responds to the rapidly growing interest in the intersection between approaches to the issues of sustainability, energy, economics, and technology adoption.  The objective of a dual Master’s degree is to encourage students to pursue interdisciplinary studies in these two related programs while pursuing one thesis that addresses both disciplines of engineering management and energy. Graduates of the Dual Degree programs can be expected to find leadership positions within their disciplines and careers in energy and engineering management.  ​

1. General Information:

The dual degree program is primarily intended for individuals with a Bachelor degree in Engineering who seek to deepen their knowledge in advanced energy studies and engineering management subjects.  

2. Dual Degree Admission Requirements:

Applicants to the Dual Master of Engineering Degree in Engineering Management and Energy Studies must be accepted in both programs and in accordance with each program’s posted policies and AUB Graduate Studies Policies. 
Students should have a GPA of at least 80 or 3.0 and good recommendations to be considered for regular admission into the program. Students with GPA above 75 and below 80 are considered for admission on probation. If a student is admitted on probation in one program, then s/he will be admitted on probation in the dual degree program.

3. Application Processes for Dual Master’s Degree: 

A student wishing to apply for dual degree may submit a single dual degree application that will be sent to each degree program simultaneously when first applying for graduate admissions.
If the student is already registered in one degree s/he may apply for the second degree no later than the end of a student’s second semester at AUB to be considered for the dual degree. 
  • The student application will be considered separately by each department/program and must satisfy the admissions requirements of both programs and be accepted to both programs to be admitted to the dual degree. Failing to secure admissions into either one of the two programs when first applying to the dual degree program, the student will not be admitted to the dual degree program or into the individual programs unless the student has opted in the application to be considered by each program separately.
  • A student admitted to dual master’s degree programs may receive a graduate assistantship from either or both of the participating units; the total sum cannot exceed what each unit provides for a graduate assistant for one academic year.
  • A student admitted to dual master’s degree program will receive a single transcript identifying the two program titles.
  • If the requirements for one degree have been fulfilled, that degree may be awarded.

4. Course Requirements:

The program permits full-time or part-time enrollments. To fulfill the basic requirement for the dual degree, a student must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours of graduate course work in each degree program.  The remaining credits include additional course work and a thesis that are credited to the dual degree. The ENMG-ENST Dual Degree Master’s program requires a minimum of 42 credit hours of graduate course work and 6 credits of thesis work. The course work is distributed as follows: 
  •   9 credits of core ENST courses
  •   6 credits of core ENMG courses
  •   6 credits of common courses:  Required core ENMG (ENST LIST A Electives)
  •  12 credits of ENMG elective courses
  •   6  credits of elective course from ENST List B on energy science and technology
  •   3 credits elective course as approved by thesis advisor/s  (ENST)
The courses that will be counted toward both awards: 
  •  ENMG 603    Probability and Decision Analysis         3 cr.
  •  ENMG 604    Deterministic Optimization Model        3 cr.
  •  EMES 800     Comprehensive Exam                            0 cr.
  •  EMES 798     Thesis                                                       6 cr.

Candidates entering the ME Engineering Management and MS Energy Studies Dual Degree complete their first year in the dual degree program and will be assigned co-advisors representing both programs. 
The integration of the programs allows most students to complete the dual degree in an average of 2-1/2 to 3 years. That is at least one semester longer than expected if enrolled in a single degree program.

5. Thesis:

The thesis must show relevant contribution from both fields of the dual degree programs. The thesis must be approved by both departments/programs and by the FGSC to which each program resides. The thesis committee for dual degree must include at least one member from each degree program. The single thesis presented for dual degree programs cannot be used to satisfy the thesis requirements of any third or additional graduate degree programs different than those in the dual degree. 

6. Credit Transfer: 

Up to nine transfer credits may be applied to one of the two degree programs, or may be divided between the two degree programs. The transfer of credit follows university policy with regards to the minimum grade required for transferrable courses from other institutions.

7. Residence Requirement:

To meet the minimum resident requirements for the Dual Master’s Degrees, a student must register and be in residence as a graduate student for at least three regular semesters.
All requirements for the dual degree must be completed within a period of five years after admissions to Dual Master’s Degree. Extension beyond the maximum allowed period of study requires approval from the Faculty/ies Graduate Studies Committee/s.




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