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​​​“I just want to inform you about two positives events pertaining the energy studies program that happened during the AUB career fair in Spring 2015. The first one was during the recruitment presentation of the Boston Consulting Group, a leader in management consulting and specifically in the oil and gas industry. After introducing myself to a project manager during the presentation, the project manager showed a lot of interest in the energy studies program especially when he learned that it is an interdisciplinary program that bridges technical and non-technical fields. He encouraged me to apply immediately. The second one was during the recruitment presentation of A.T. Kearney, a management consulting firm ranking among the top 10 in the world. After the presentation, I introduced myself to a partner in the firm, and he was surprised to learn that a program like that is now available at AUB. He was very excited about this masters and not only encouraged me to apply to the firm but also requested that I send him my CV so he can make sure I get an interview. Those are just two testimonies confirming the early success of the masters in energy studies and I’m certain that more success is on the way. Thank you for all the efforts that you and the energy studies team have done to make this program a great experience for all of us.” Omar El Souki – ENST graduate, Fall 2015-2016

“I joined the masters in Energy studies during the first year of its launching, the decision certainly came with its own risks. I was fully aware that it was going to be a challenging learning experience for both, us student and the administration alike. But I can confidently say, now, that it was an invaluable experience filled with challenges and opportunities that few teaching programs can offer. The key benefit of the program is its multi-disciplinary aspect, the diversity of thinking, experiences, approaches and methodologies that tackle the energy sector from different angles are extremely important in gaining knowledge and coming up with creative solutions for energy problems. I think that the masters has the potential to grow in a very interesting way especially that the energy sector is evolving rapidly in the region under the new market conditions. Lastly, I want to thank everyone that was involved in making the program a reality.” Jad Taha EL Baba – ENST graduate, Summer 2015-2016 

“Success has always been a main goal in my life and in order to fulfill this goal I knew it was essential for me to not only enter a field that is unique and challenging, but also to obtain my master’s degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the Middle East. That is when I knew I needed to apply to the American University of Beirut. My two years in the Energy Studies program at AUB were among the best years of my life. Why choose the Energy Studies program? It’s an interdisciplinary program involving multiple departments: engineering, public policy, economic and other social science research perspectives. All that is enough to shape a graduate student into a professional energy leader. The best thing about this program was the diversity it offered, combining both the science aspect of engineering with the capability to assess challenges from a business and managerial mindset. By acquiring a MS degree in Energy Studies, I now have the ability to present myself as a science and business trained professional, acquired various desirable work skills that are essential to have in today's competitive job market, specifically in addressing the complex needs of the region and issues linked to energy development and economies.” Ramona Badr – ENST graduate, Summer 2015-2016


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