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Minor in Applied Energy

​​​The minor in Applied Energy is open to all MSFEA students who are interested in the energy domain and in renewable energy applications. Students seeking professional careers that will focus on energy, the environment, sustainable applications in buildings, and energy systems may find this minor attractive. The minor in applied energy is administrated by the department of Mechanical Engineering. ​​

Applied Energy Minor Program Structure

A student wishing to complete the minor is required to complete a minimum of 18 credits: 6
credits from the list of core courses and 12 credits from the list of elective courses.
The first are two core courses (6 credits) that provide a foundation for the understanding of
energy science and technology and its economy.
The second component is a number of elective courses (12 credits), selected by the student in
close consultation with academic advisor for the applied energy minor.

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • MECH 671 Renewable Energy Potential, Technology, and Utilization in Buildings or EECE 675, Renewable Energy Systems or ENST 300 The Science and Technology of Energy
  • ECON 333 Energy Economics and Policy 3 cr.

Elective Courses (Minimum of 12 credits)

  • CHEN 417 Reactor Engineering and Reactor Design 3 cr.
  • CHEN 470 Chemical Process Design 3 cr.
  • CHEN 471 Chemical Product Design 3 cr.
  • CHEN 541 Biochemical and Bioprocess E​ngineering 3 cr.
  • CHEN 570 Process Synthesis and Optimization 3 cr.
  • CHEN 612 Desalination 3 cr.
  • EECE 670 Power System Planning 3 cr.
  • EECE 671 Environmental Aspects of Energy Systems 3 cr.
  • EECE 672 Energy Planning and Policy 3 cr.
  • EECE 675 Renewable ​Energy Systems 3 cr.
  • ENST 320 Energy Laws and Case Studies 3 cr.
  • MECH 513 Air Conditioning 3 cr.
  • MECH 603 Solar Energy 3 cr.
  • MECH 631 Micro-electro Mechanical​ Systems
  • MECH 670 Laboratory for Renewable Energy in Buildings 3 cr.
  • MECH 672 Modeling Energy Systems 3 cr.
  • MECH 673 Energy Efficient Building with Good Indoor Air Quality 3 cr.
  • MECH 676 Passive Building Design 3 cr.
  • MECH 677 Heat Pumps 3 cr.
  • MECH 679 Energy Audit Lab 3 cr.
  • MECH 681 Green Building Basics and LEED Practices

Other courses can be considered as part of the minor upon recommendation from the student
advisor and approval of the Department Chair.

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