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Peer Support Initiative

​​The Peer Support Initiative (PSI) aims to establish a connection between students who need help and their colleagues who are willing to participate in a social activity to help their peers. In this sense, junior students can use PSI to seek the help of senior students who are more experienced.

​Any mechanical engineering student can sign up and create a profile and thus become a 'helper' offering help in any course or subject of interest. On the other hand, any mechanical engineering student who needs help can view the profiles of all the 'helpers' and contact any of them via email or phone to set a time and place for a helping session.

After each helping session, the helper should go to the PSI website and log the helping session. After that, the student who has received help should enter the PSI website to rate the helping session. The scores of these ratings will be logged and accumulated for each helper. The highest three rated helpers will be presented with awards during the graduation ceremony. Regardless of their rating, the service of any student who helped in this initiative will be mentioned in any recommendation letter from AUB.

The PSI website is divided into 3 pages:

  • Students Page: used by students who are seeking help and would like to see the list of the available helpers. This page is also used for students who have received help and would like to rate the helping session.
  • Helpers Sign Up Page: used by students who would like to volunteer as helpers. The page is used to create a profile for the helper student.
  • Helpers Page: used by helper students who have previously helped a peer and would like to log the helping session.

Please note the following:

  • The Peer Support Initiative website is accessible inside AUB campus only.
  • The Peer Support Initiative is strictly for currently registered mechanical engineering
    AUB students.

  • The Peer Support Initiative is encouraged to be free of charge.
  • Students who are willing to help shall upload their profile, contacts, available timing and the courses in the mechanical engineering curriculum they are willing to help in.

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