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Cadet officers visit MSFEA’s laboratories for an educational workshop

​​On December 5, cadet officers from the Military Academy visited the laboratories of the civil and environmental engineering department at the Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (MSFEA). The cadet officers had the chance to partake in an educational workshop, which provided a preliminary view on construction materials such as concrete, soil, steel, aggregates and asphalt. The visit was coordinated with lab manager Mr. Helmi El Khatib and chairperson Mounir Mabsout , the cadet officers had the chance to have an educational workshop at the CEE labs.

This visit was coupled with demonstration of various laboratory tests that can be performed on these materials such as compressive strength test, Schmidt Hammer, Windsor Probe, compaction tests, Tensile steel testing and tests conducted on Universal Testing Machines.

The cadet officers who participated had the opportunity to complete the below:

  • Partake in laboratory demonstration of construction materials testing and evaluation methods with emphasis on soil, aggregate, concrete, asphalt and steel reinforcement testing;

  • Acquire knowledge in recent materials used in construction and repair of concrete;

  • Learn about concrete mix design optimization;

  • Understand the method to enhance material properties;

  • Use sustainable materials such as glass, plastic, fibers, etc. in their work.

Civil and environmental engineering is a vibrant, forward-thinking, and ever-changing field. Sustainability in civil engineering techniques is the foundation of modern project planning and management, allowing engineers to ensure that each project is carried out in the safest, most ecologically friendly, and longest-lasting method possible. It was a great honor for us to share that knowledge with the cadet officers as a way to revolutionize engineering in the country to adapt with the changing environment.​

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