Beirut POEM project

​Getting a handle on air pollution. Led by Prof. Issam Lakkis, researchers at AUB are developing a mathematical model of the city of Beirut that can be used to predict air pollution levels street-by-street and hour-by-hour, accounting for such things as traffic patterns, the vehicle fleet, shading, diesel generator emissions, and weather conditions. This model will allow them to study how regulations governing building height and spacing, traffic flow, or diesel generator operation, can affect urban air quality, and ultimately, human well-being.

The picture illustrates a mathematical modeling effort to understand the distribution of air pollution in the streets and homes of Beirut, meter by meter, accounting for traffic and diesel generators, as well as hourly variation in wind and weather.

For more information about Beirut POEM (POllution and Energy dynamic Model) visit Microflows website or contact Prof. Issam Lakkis.