Constructing future homes using 3D concrete printing

​​​​​​​​​Faculty Spotlight: Farook Hamzeh

​Dr. Farook Hamzeh is an assistant professor in the civil and environmental engineering department atv MSFEA. He has ample experience in the construction industry in Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, and the United States on several mega projects.

Hamzeh has developed a passion for improving construction processes to increase productivity, raise customer value, and reduce process waste. This passion has fueled his research to design and complete big constructions on-time, at budget, and at desired quality, with the adequate materials, methods, equipment while managing the costs efficiently.

Farook's team has developed a 3D concrete printer, successfully designed a proper concrete mix to satisfy 3D printing requirements, and performed advanced research to tackle the different challenges that this technology is currently facing. 

​Learn about this innovative technology in the beliow video.

IDEAS Talks are an opportunity to learn from MSFEA experts about timely topics in engineering, technology, and design. IDEAS 2019 took place at the American University of Beirut on April 18, 2019.​​​