School trip to MSFEA research labs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A third elementary (CE2) class of 30 students from the Grand Ly​​​cée Franco-Libanais​ school, visited two engineering labs at MSFEA to get exposed to scientific research at university level and interview the researchers. They visited the labs of GeoEngineering Research Group and the Transportation Research Unit​.

In the geotechnical engineering lab, the students did two experiments: one where they prepared a batch of concrete, and another experiment where they had to measure the strength of sand. After the experiments, the students engaged and asked a number of questions about soil, concrete, and careers at MSFEA.

In the driving simulator lab they got introduced to why research on urban transportation issues is conducted and to road safety issues, and they each got to test the driving simulator!​

GeoEngineering Reserach Group: Dr. Salah Sadek and Dr. Shadi Najjar
Transportation Research Unit: Dr. Maya Abou Zeid
Both labs are managed by Mr. Helmi El Khatib and Ms. Dima Al Hassanieh​​