From a music workshop in an MSFEA studio space to sold-out world wide venues

Alumni Spotlight: Mashrou' Leila

Mashrou​' Leila was formed in February 2008 while band members Hamed Sinno, Haig Papazian, Carl Gerges, Firas Abou Fakher, and Ibrahim Badr​ were students at MSFEA's Department of Architecture and Design​. The band played contemporary alternative Arabic music in small venues and gained ground on the underground music circuit, until they emerged onto the international indie music scene.

They were awarded the MSFEA Distinguished Alumni award in 2014. The band members are considered rising stars in Indie Rock and recently launched their fourth album. ​

Click here for their enchanting appearance on National Public Radio Music Tiny Desk Concert in Washington DC in 2016.​

They also appeared on the Lebanese talk show Kalam Ennas (2016) for an extended interview, you can listen to it here.​ 

Visit Mashrou’ Leila’s website for more.