Experimental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory


The experimental fluids lab houses state of the art equipment for advanced optical diagnostics of liquid and gaseous flows. We have an L-shaped open loop wind tunnel with a square cross sectional area that measures (18 in X 18 in X 36 in) and can generate steady wind speeds in the test section from nearly 3 m/s to 50 m/s in 1m/s increments with low turbulence intensities. Available wind tunnel tests include smoke visualization, particle image velocimetry, particle tracking velocimetry, surface pressure measurements, and lift and drag estimation using a 2-axis dynamometer. The cross-correlation PIV system was designed and assembled in-house, and can thus can be adapted to a wide range of gas/liquid flows and measurement requirements. The PIV system has been adapted to acquire Laser Induced Fluorescence measurements and particle tracking velocimetry. Other equipment include a pulsed YAG laser, continuous HeNe and AR Ion lasers, fast shuttered cameras, and fast rise time photo-detectors.​​​​