Mobile and Distributed Computer Lab

Given its multifaceted nature, the lab is an ideal place for conducting multidisciplinary research on cutting-edge topics falling under the umbrella of the Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), smart environments, 5th Generation (5G) networks, mobile networks and services, vehicular communication, automotive active safety, and cloud computing. The lab houses state of the art workstations configured with simulation and data analysis research tools, networking equipment, FPGA boards, and most notably a CarSim simulator (the actual vehicle with the software). Projects done in the lab include hardware-accelerated datacenters, pedestrian-car collision avoidance, and LTE-WiFi coexistence in the unlicensed band.

The lab was founded by Prof. Hassan Artail, and along with him, it is used by Profs. Naseem Daher, Hazem Hajj, and Mazen Saghir. ​

Hassan Artail​​​