Neural Engineering and NanoBiosensors Group

​​We are a motivated group of scientists and engineers advancing science and technology on the shores of the Mediterranean. Our focus is to develop novel Micro/Nanotechnologies for next generation biosensors and medical devices. We thrive to do this through a strong understanding of the fundamentals of science and engineering and their applications in solving problems with impact on human health. 

Our main areas of research include: Neural Engineering, we aim to develop new technologies to study the brain and understand its various functions for the purpose of developing medical devices that can help treat brain diseases, connect the brain to artificial limbs or restore lost senses such as vision or hearing. NanoBiosensors: we are interested in nanoscale science to study, understand and discover new applications of nanomaterials for innovations in Biosensors leading to improved characteristics over state of the art and/or novel functionality.

Massoud Khraiche