Simulation and Optimization Lab

​The operations research group at the department of industrial engineering and management develop mathematical models of complex engineering and business systems with the aim of improving performance.  Key areas of application include supply chain management, logistics, emergency planning, product design, financial engineering, and queueing (congestion) analysis in manufacturing, communication, healthcare, and traffic. The simulation and optimization lab provides the computational infrastructure for this research, in terms of state-of-the-art simulation and optimization software, as well as hardware with servers having high-processing power. ​

The lab is located in SRB 406. It supports teaching and research in the areas of operations research, financial engineering, project management, and other IEM areas requiring numerical and data analysis. The lab has the following software packages AMPL+CPLEX and other solvers for general-purpose optimization like Arena for discrete event simulation, Expertfit for distribution fitting for stochastic modeling of data, Microsoft Project for project management scheduling and control, Palisade Decision Tools (@Risk) for Monte Carlo simulation and other tools, Premium Solver for Excel add-in optimization, SPSS for statistical analysis, and  Mathcad for verification, validation,​ documentation of engineering calculation.


Bacel MaddahHussein Tarhini  ​​​