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Lab Guidelines

​The ArD Techlab is open to all ArD and MSFEA students, based upon availability, with a priority for ArD students around the mid-reviews and final reviews period. Students wishing to use the lab's machines should contact the lab supervisor early on, to get acquainted with the machines and their requirements. The work that can be executed in the lab should ONLY be for academic purposes. NO personal or professional projects are allowed. Materials and filaments should be provided by the student or their course/department.

To reserve a time for using one of the machines in the lab, refer to the website for the online calendar to check availability. Then, email the lab supervisor at, indicating your selected time slot and machine need. Make sure to come ahead of time to your appointment to check your file and make sure it is works. Students not showing up for their appointment will not be allowed to reserve a time slot again in the future.

Students should be present when cutting or printing their files for several reasons:​

  1. To clarify any questions about their files.
  2. To assure minimal margin of errors and need to recut / reprint.
  3. To be advised to use alternatives, and more efficient methods for the execution of their projects.

  • Students should be fully prepared (files, materials, documents…) to benefit from their appointment. Scheduled time must be respected under all conditions, and any delay due to corrupt files, unsuitable materials, experimentation, etc. will be deducted from the student's assigned time.
  • Refer to the list of suitable materials for each machine to assure that the machine can cut your thought of materials. (Can be found in Laser, CNC and 3D Printing guidelines).
  • Students should clean up after finishing any activity in the lab. Remove waste or residual materials after every activity.
  • Students should respect all safety rules and guidelines in order to reduce all types of risks. Any act of disrespect for the lab supervisor, assistants and lab guidelines the student is immediately asked to leave the lab.
  • Students should wear Personal Protective Equipment while working in the lab.  Especially when using the following facilities: CNC, Foam Cutting and Band Saw.

Important Notes​

  • Students should reserve using their own name and email. The use of other student's slots is not accepted and will lead to the deletion of all time slots reserved.
  • Students must be on time for their appointment, any delay the appointment will be automatically cancelled.
  • Students must cancel their appointments if they no longer require it via email ( or phone call using the lab number and extension:  01-340460 Ext: 3257.​
  • Students failing to show up or cancelling their appointments several times will lose their lab privileges for the rest of the semester.

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