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How To Prepare Your CNC Model

Roland monoFab SRM-20 and AXYZ 4008 ATC


  • The CNC milling machines can be used for cutting 2D parts and for 3D milling.
  • Roland monoFab CNC router has a 200 x 150 mm bed.
  • AXYZ 4008 ATC CNC router has a 1524 x 2440 mm bed.
  • For 2D cutting and 3D milling, the tool diameter should be taken into consideration in order to get the best results.


General Guidelines:

  • For 2D and 3D files, the design can be done in many softwares (Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Illustrator, SolidWorks, Sketch Up, etc.)
  • For 2D Files:
  • 2D cutting requires only 2D polylines. 2D cut parts should have each part represented as a single closed curve or polyline.
  • Make sure your lines meet exactly at endpoints and there are no duplicate, intersecting, or overlapping lines.
  • For 3D Files:
  • 3D milling requires a polygonal mesh, a surface, or solid model.
  • All files should be scaled to the actual size and units that you need.


File Processing:

We use Modela Player 4 and iModela Creator softwares for operating Roland monoFab SRM-20 and RhinoCAM, which is a plug-in that works within Rhinoceros for operating AXYZ 4008 ATC.

Rhinoceros reads geometry from most 2D and 3D software programs.

The most commonly used operations are:

  • 2D: profiling, pocketing and drilling.
  • 3D: horizontal roughing (rough cutting of surfaces) and parallel finishing (finish cutting of 3D surfaces).
  • Files formats should be: .3dm, .dwg, .dxf, .stl, .iges and .ai.



Final revision for the file is done, then generated creating a machine-readable text file RML-1, NC codes and Gcodes, which are specific to our machines.


Material Preparation:

  • If your material is of several parts that are glued, be sure to give it enough time to dry.
  • Also, please note your actual material thickness as this may affect your file settings.
  • Please use calipers to get the exact dimensions.
  • Please note that it is common for parts to take several hours to finish.


CNC Suitable Materials

For Roland monoFab SRM-20:

  • Modelling Wax (Resins), Chemical Wood, Foam, Plexiglass …
  • For AXYZ 4008 ATC:
  • Solid hardwood or softwood
  • Plywood, MDF, Particleboard
  • Rigid insulation foam (blue foam)
  • Plastics (ex. acrylic and polyethylene)


Before Your Appointment

  • Erase all stray lines and shapes.
  • Remove all overlapping and duplicate lines.  Overlapping lines and shapes will lead to very negative results.
  • Please ensure that any file you bring is well organized and is ready to cut.
  • Delete all unnecessary information from your file.​

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