Concluding remarks

​​​​​Technical writing is a process that requires multiple rounds of writing and rewriting. The resulting writing outcome will be assessed in terms of its: content, style and structure, and form. Technical courses at MSFEA will likely be more invested in the comprehensiveness and accuracy of your content rather than in minor grammatical errors. For instance, missing a comma (a grammatical form error) will clearly have a minor effect on your technical audience compared to a technical idea that is phrased ambiguously (a stylistic error), or a missing technical definition or explanation (a content-related error). Needless to say, style and form errors become more pronounced once they impede the clarity and understandability of the technical content. 

The set of guidelines listed in this document is meant to explain how writing is intertwined with several core tasks in engineering such as research, analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making. Think of writing as a process that complements the development of technical knowledge and your ability to express such knowledge. Writing is just another strategic task that you will conduct as an engineer. ​​