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A beautiful broken small cup ready to be restored.

​​Yes it can be restored!

We are very happy to announce that a beautiful small blue/green cup (Inv.# 5964) dating back to the late Roman Period (5th-6th c.AD) was reassembled and ready to be restored by the glass experts, Mrs. Cuyaubère & Mrs. Rodier.

This tiny little vessel had gone under the radar, but after closer examination and fine puzzle work, conservators determined almost all sherds were found and can be joined together. This temporary reassembly technique, using a special tape, doesn't create damage to the delicate surface of the glass. This technique can only be used on healthy glass - not all archaeological glass can sustain this!

This beautiful cup (4.9 x 4.9 cm) with rounded rim, vertical body and a slightly concave base is decorated with spiral trails and ends with slightly wavy ones.

Follow us for more good news about the conservation and restoration of the broken glass vessels!​

Click the link below to watch Mrs. Cécile Rodier temporarily reassembling the broken cup (Inv.# 5964) at the AUB Museum: 
reassembling the broken cup​.link​

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