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Byblos Tomb at the AUB Museum

​​​In the summer of 1955, a tomb-cave was accidently discovered by laborers while digging the foundations of a house at Byblos-Lebanon.

The tomb contained thirteen ceramic vessels of Early and Middle Bronze Age which were sold to antiquity dealer and private individuals. The AUB Archaeological Museum acquired these vessels which are now on display.

The tomb is characterized by the large number of patterns burnished vessels such as the beautiful twin-jar with the two rams (Inv.# 55.105), which dates back to the Early Bronze Age. Each jar has a stump base, an oval body, a narrow neck and a flaring rim. Both jars are joined at the middle of the body and have a common handle attached on the shoulder and shaped like a wish-bone surmounted by a ram, the ram on the left is broken off.

 Moreover, the discovery of an intact Kamares pot (Inv.# 55.121), a “bridge-spouted jar", is of great importance as it is the earliest known item to be imported from Crete to Byblos, and it dates back to the Middle Bronze Age. This vessel, resembling a tea-pot, has a short stemmed base, a globular body, a wide lipped rim, two flat loop handles set vertically at the widest part of the body, and an open spout on the shoulder. This black slipped vessel is painted in white with stylized floral designs and a row of red circles.

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AUB Museum showcase featuring 13 objects
​discovered fortuitously at Byblos-Lebanon

AUB Museum showcase featuring 13 objects
​discovered fortuitously at Byblos-Lebanon

Twin-jar with the two rams, left ram broken
(Inv.# 55.105);
Early Bronze Age I (ca. 3100 – 2900 BC),
Height: 19.3 cm,
Width: 16.6 cm.
​​Kamares pot
(Inv.# 55.121);
Middle Bronze Age II,
Height: 14.4 cm,
Diameter of body: 15.5 cm,
Diameter of rim: 8.6 cm.

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