​​An International Colloquium on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the AUB Archaeological Museum (June 11th, 2018)

Curators of world museums gather for international colloquium at AUB​ (Read More​​)

Program of the International Colloquium.pdf

Opening Session
(Dr. Leila Badre, Dr. Lina Choueiri, Dr. Martha Sharp Jowkowsky)
​The Speakers
The Speakers
The Audience
Dr. Jonathan N. Tubb
The British Museum, London
Mrs. Annie Caubet
The Louvre Museum, Paris
Dr. Eric Gubel
Royal Museums of Art & History, Brussels​
Dr. Edhem Eldem 
Bogazici University, Istanbul
Mrs. Sabah Abdel Razek
The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Dr. Georgianna Moraitou
The National Archaeological Museum, Athens
Dr. Joan Aruz
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New-York
Dr. Beate Salje
Vorderasiatischen Museums, Berlin
Coffee Break
​The Speakers with 
Dr. Badre and Mrs. Anne-Marie Affeiche