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Past Exhibitions

​150th Anniversary of the AUB Archaeological Museum​ ​​

 ​May 24th - July 24th, 2018





​October 19th - November 18th, 2016

L'Orient Le Jour (Article)​

Speech of Dr. Badre
Speech of Dr. Fadlo Khuri

  Visiting the Exhibition   
Visiting Palmyra's Gallery at AUB Museum ​

 Movie showing destructions in Syria 

Temple of Bêl
(Before & After destruction)
Temple of Baalshamin
​(Before & After destruction)​

​Excavating the Past: 50 Years of Archaeology at AUB

May 30 to September 30, 2016

L'Orient Junior (Article)

On the occasion of AUB 150, the AUB Archaeological Museum presents an Exhibition about “Excavating the Past. 50 Years of Archaeology at AUB”. 
The exhibition includes results from eight excavations in Lebanon and one in Syria: Seven conducted by the Museum team and two by the History and Archaeology Department.

General view of the exhibition
AUB Museum Team (L. Badre)

Saint George Cathedral of the Greek Orthodox
Beirut, Place de l’Etoile
AUB Museum Team (L. Badre)​
Tell el Ghassil, Bekaa
AUB Museum Team
DC. Baramki (1956-1969), L. Badre (1972-1974)

The Ancient Tell of Beirut
North of Martyrs' square
AUB Museum Team (L. Badre)
An- Nahar Press Building, Beirut
South of Martyrs' square
AUB Museum Team (L. Badre)

Tell Fadous-Kfarabida, Batroun
AUB Department of History and Archaeology (H. Genz)
AUB Department of History and Archaeology (H. Sader)

College Hall
American University of Beirut
AUB Museum (L. Badre)
Tell Kazel
Syrian Akkar
AUB Museum (L. Badre)

​The Young Phoenician Man of Carthage

January 29 to February 26, 2014

Introduction to the Young Phoenician Man of Byrsa - Carthage.pdf

Arish, “The beloved one”,
according to Punic inscriptions
Some items from the tomb
(punic amphora, punic lamp, and a plate with bones of sacrifical goose)

View inside the exhibition showing:
- A skeleton from Tell El Ghassil Lebanon in lieu of the original one found in Carthage
​- 2 posters of the 18 Egyptian amulets & an athlete
Poster of Eighteen style amulets​

​Reconstructed prototype of the 
Young Phoenician Man of Byrsa - Carthage

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