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Sarafand burial cave - Lebanon

​I​n 1929, a Late Bronze Age tomb carved into limestone rock was accidently discovered by villagers due to the heavy rains that washed away the soil from the rock surface and exposed the entrance of an ancient burial cave at Sarafand (ancient Sarepta) – Lebanon, 13km south of Sidon.

The villagers collected seven intact pots and sixty-seven broken pots broken ones. The seven intact pots were given to the children to play with, and were subsequently smashed. In addition, a steatite scarab and two faience amulets were discovered with a terracotta Mycenean figurine of the goddess of fertility. 

 Mr. Nudeira, a Sidonian, rescued the pots and sold them to Dr. H.G. Dorman (grandfather of former AUB President Peter Dorman), who was the mediator for the sale of this collection under Dr. Harald Ingholt's curatorship of the AUB Museum (1931-1938).

Therefore in 1932, Dr. Ingholt was granted the permission by Emir Maurice Chehab (Conservator General of Antiquities in Lebanon at that time), to examine the tomb, and he drew the ovoid plan with slanting roof and the section of the tomb.

The vessels consist mostly of the Mycenean type, some were of Cypriote origin and others were locally made as Mycenean imitations.

The burial's findings feature the strength of Mycenean influence on Phoenician ceramic art, and point to the trade between Greece and Phoenicia during the 14th-13th c. BC.

 This collection was restored and placed on display in a showcase at the AUB Archaeological Museum.

 Stay tuned to know more about the artifacts at the AUB Museum.

​​​​Late Bronze Mycenean and Cypriot importations objects displayed at the AUB Museum

Plan by Dr. Harald Ingolth

​Stirrup vase (Inv.# 36.4)

​Pilgrim bottle (Inv.#36.22)​
Cypro- Mycenean bowl (Inv.#36.2)​

​Dipper (Inv.#36.61)

​Scarab (Inv.# 36.70)

​             Amulet (In.#36.71)     ​Amulet (Inv.#36.72)​





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