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The Terracotta Anthropomorphic figurines at the AUB Archaeological Museum


The God El modeled a figure - Sha'taqat - with a specific role to heal the King Keret in the Ugaritic legend of Keret (KTU 1.16.V.27-42).
In the Old Testament, the Creator, “molded man from the dust of the ground" (Genesis 2:7).

 At the AUB Museum, a whole section of different types of male figurines is beautifully displayed.

Free hand modeling technique is depicted in the Museum's collection, dating back to the 2nd millennium BC and shows figures of standing females with flat backs, their arms bent, holding their breast (Inv.# 33.10) or stretching out (Inv.# 35.x.82).
Their faces look like birds, the noses and ears are pinched out, the eyes are pelleted and perforated, and they have no mouths. The ears and high headdress are perforated, and the necklaces are applied bands.

Nevertheless, the nude female figures are characterized by their fertility symbols: the breasts, the pelleted and punctured navel, and the pubic triangle.
Their legs are stuck together and separated by a groove.​

Multiple male clay figurines are shown in an offering position, standing or kneeling (Inv.# 35.x.86) and carrying a ram in their arms.

 Follow us for more terracotta figurines from the AUB Museum collection!

Inv.# 33.10
Bronze Age Period
13.5 x 5 cm​

Inv.# 35.x.82
Bronze Age Period
12.3 x x4.7 cm

Inv.# 35.x.86
Bronze Age Period
8.5 x 4.6 cm​







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