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The Phoenician pregnant figurines at the AUB Museum


​Pregnant terracotta anthropomorphic figurines, a symbol of fertility, are on display at the AUB Museum's terracotta showcase.

The first type is the “Dea Tyria Gravida" figurine, represented in a sitting or standing position.
The dressed terracotta pregnant female figurine (Inv.# 87.7) is featured seated on a throne and her feet resting on a square pedestal. The right arm rests on her belly and the left arm rests on her knee. The throne is hollowed out in the shape of an incense burner, with three ventilation holes on the sides and a trace of red paint.

 Another seated terracotta figurine of " Dea Tyria Gravida" (Inv.# 88.1), is represented also with the feet resting on a pedestal and the right hand resting on her belly. She is wearing long dress with long sleeves and veil on her head.

 The third “Dea Tyria Gravida" figurine (Inv.# 88.2), stands on a pedestal, feet together. She is naked, and the arms are holding her breasts.

The three figurines have a hathoric hairstyle.

 Finally, a terracotta female figurine called “The Lady of Beirut" (Inv.# 63.20), dates back to the Phoenician Period, and is represented pregnant, naked and standing up, a turban on her head, her hair parted and falling over her breasts, her arms outstretched (her left arm is broken), and her legs are broken below the knees.

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Inv.# 87.7

Inv.# 88.1

Inv.# 88.2

            Inv.# 63.20​

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