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The surviving glass vessels after August 4th Beirut blast

​​​​​Who​ can forget the August 4th Beirut blast? The glass collection of the AUB Archaeological Museum sure doesn't!

After showing the 15 restorable tableware pieces out of the 72 shattered glass pieces, let us look at the only two surviving glass vessels, a beaker and a small cup, from our glass showcase.

When looking at their initial display, we noticed that the two surviving glass vessels were displayed side by side since the renovation of the Museum in 2006, as if they were destined to stay close even during this blast and after!

 The complete blue-green glass beaker (8.8 x 8.4 cm), dates back to the Late Roman Period (4th – 5th c. AD), with an inverted rolled rim, flaring mouth, conical body, and a flat base.
The other surviving glass vessel (3.4 x 5.3 cm) is a colorless small cup, with thick silver and brown patches of iridescence covering most exterior and interior surfaces. This vessel dates back to the Early Roman Period (1st – 2nd c. AD), with a chipped and cracked rim edge, globular body, and a flat base.

May there be light even in the darkest moments!
Stay tuned for the restoration of the 15 glass pieces, and stay safe!​

​​​​Glass showcase at the AUB Museum (before August 4th Beirut blast)
​ ​

Dr. Nadine Panayot Haroun showing the surviving glass beaker

Glass beaker (Inv.# 3726)

Small glass cup (Inv.# 3738)

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