​​Rooted in the Arabic language, the word Daskara refers to an authentic village ready to blossom and share its richness with people.

Daskara is a digital platform which brings in authenticity to the world of travel by creating grass-root connections between locals who want to share and explorers who want to know. Here, connections are made through sites and activities of interest. Locals know best when it comes to what their area has to offer. Daskara gives them a platform to collectively share their hidden gems, whatever they may be. Explorers, travelers, and tourists can now experience the cultural heart of a specific area. Locals can also share their personal knowledge of the best activities to be enjoyed and experienced in a place they call home. Daskara brings new meaning and power to the maps we’re all accustomed to using by adding a flavor of the native beauty of Lebanon.

The app will soon be available to download. 
Stay tuned for updates!​

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