This project initially started in 2010 under the name Baldati Bi'ati. NCC joined efforts with local communities to advance nature and heritage conservation by physically mapping on paper all assets of a relatively large number of villages. In pursuit of increasing accessibility and making the maps more user-friendly, the​ Daskara app was born. 

Rooted in the Arabic language, the word Daskara refers to an authentic village ready to blossom and share its richness with people.

A trail leading to a hidden waterfall; a small Roman ruin overgrown with weeds; a local bakery for tasty manakish; there are hundreds of little-known natural and cultural treasures along the back roads of Lebanon's rich and diverse countryside. Many explorers would like to find them and in turn make this knowledge accessible. Daskara is a new app that does exactly that​!

Through a unique digital platform, Daskara is mobilizing and joining expert and local communities to give life to a better kind of tourism, e-commerce, and sustainable development. A network of community members and field experts stand behind Daskara’s content and products to give you smarter and more responsible opportunities to experience, explore, and protect the riches of nature and culture. 

Daskara brings new meaning and power to the maps we’re all accustomed to using by adding a flavor of the native beauty of Lebanon.

​Our Partner

Fondation Diane has always been a reliable partner, heartily believing in Daskara’s vision and trusting of the positive impact it would generate in developing a sense of belonging to and preservation of our Lebanese natural and cultural heritage.

Passionate about the environment, Fondati​​on Diane is supporting many ecological initiatives in hopes of motivating citizens to take action and make Lebanon a pioneer country for sustainable development in the region by promoting the value of natural heritage.

Project's Overview

Daskara uncovers many natural and cultural sites across Lebanon's map. Users can search by village or category and will instantly have a lead on numerous sites and experiences right around the corner. 

Daskara has six main categories:

Through its crowdsourcing approach, Daskara involves members of the community as main actors in adding to the application everything they cherish in their village or its surrounding. 
Daskara is in fact a free platform, encouraging as such an integrative participatory approach of a diverse body: local residents, local business owners, tourists, members of the Diaspora, the international Lebanese communities, Lebanese citizens, experts, academics, and particularly enthusiasts of outdoor natural and cultural activities. 

The information added by stakeholders is further approved and made accurate by local experts and later on by AUB NCC staff before being published online. Experts play a key role in providing specific information about sites of natural and historical value and managing the content added by contributors.  

Daskara also serves as a tool for all who want to actively or even financially engage in conservation and sustainable development in pre-selected projects in their beloved villages and hometowns with the touch of a button from anywhere in the world.

The app will soon be available to download on both IOS and Android. 
Stay tuned for updates!​

If you want to know more you can check the project's website by clicking here​.

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