Nature Conservation Center
  • ​The AUB Nature Conservation Center (AUB-NCC) is the only transdisciplinary academic center addressing nature conservation in the MENA region. We leverage the expertise and experience of AUB faculties, research staff, and volunteers to tackle the region’s most pressing environmental challenges.​



    Since it was established in 2001, AUB-NCC has mobilized people and institutions throughout Lebanon to support nature conservation; it has inspired countless individuals to appreciate and embrace sustainability in hopes of improving the environment.  

    Over the years, AUB-NCC has brought together many parts of Lebanon in the name of nature conservation, impacted several areas for the betterment of the country’s environment, and effectively piloted sustainability into the hearts of countless individuals in Lebanon.

    ​​Ho​w We Work

    The Center understands the role citizen science can play in bringing together individuals, groups, communities, and public authorities to develop effective and implementable solutions for air and water pollution, deforestation threats, and climate deterioration challenges. ​

    Our objectives are constantly evolving to respond to local challenges while maintaining the focus of our main goal to conserve our natural heritage and create living solutions.​