Green Exercises

​​​About Green Exercise

  • ​Green Exercise is an AUB-NCC initiative to encourage environmental citizenship in a fun way. NCC will be hosting a series of fieldtrips during the upcoming months where attendees can enjoy the wellbeing of exercising in nature and also help an environmental cause.  All proceeds of Green Exercise will contribute to NCC’s Environmental Program.

List of activities:

  • Apple picking
  • Olive picking
    • Seed planting
    • Seed collection
    • Wild plant harvesting
    • Wild nature walks
    • Spring cleaning of planted sites
    • Watering planted sites
  • Cherry picking
    • Wild edible herbs 
    • Nabte nabte (part of IPA project - Important Plant area)
    • Wild plant walk (part of IPA)

Descriptions of activities:

Nabteh Nabteh is an activity designed for parents and their children (6-8 years old) interested in exploring our local green space. Provided with a personal notebook, children will be lead to locate particular plants, sketch them and learn fun facts about them. Nabte Nabte helps children develop an appreciation of their natural heritage.

Wild Plant Walks are a series of fieldtrips that focus on exploring the rich biodiversity of plants that blossom during springtime. The walk is suitable for all ages and will be guided by NCC’s biodiversity experts!

  • ​Farmer’s friendly activities is when individuals visit local farmers and help them in the fruit picking process. These fruits can vary from olives, apples, cherries and grapes. Participants learn how to pick a fruit in it optimal condition and learn more generally about the farmer’s story and his land. 
Seed planting : our tree and planting expert, will give instructions on seed planting and how to ensure successful germination. 

Seed collection: Khaled Sleem, our tree and planting expert, will give instructions on seed collection and will guide us on tree identification.

Registration info:

Bus departure is at 8:30 am, AUB Medical Gate.

Fieldtrip includes a light lunch, a beautiful walk in nature and learning about the land from locals. Keep in mind that this is a child friendly nature experience!

Participation fee (including lunch and transport) is $35 per adult, 20$ for students, $60 per couple, $15 for children between 9 and 15 years of age and free for children 8 and younger

For cancellations please be mindful to do so two days before the fieldtrip. 

Participant comments:

“These fieldtrips are informative and enormous fun. Highly recommended!”
“More more more”
“I think the fieldtrip was fun and is an exciting way to learn about the ways of Nature.”

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