Medical Research and Drug Discovery

​NCC being first and foremost an academic center, one of its priorities is to promote research and discoveries of new practices that aid its mission. In this regard, it has overseen many studies of endemic plants and their medicinal properties which have consequently shown promising therapeutic uses and allowed NCC to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies for their further development.

Short-term Medicinal Research​​​

NCC conducts research on the properties and commercial applications of plants, thank to the crops it plants in AREC. It is hence able to produce Essential Oils with antibacterial properties, and that have been developed into non-toxic and environmentally friendly detergents and hand sanitizers, as well as to look into the uses of different plants, which can even be used to produce organic food packaging. 

Long-term Medicinal Reseach: Drug Discovery

NCC also oversees and heads research on the pharmaceutical applications of indigenous Lebanese plants, in order to both preserve and benefit from them. This has led to partnerships with companies such as HIKMA, in order to develop certain plant-based treatments for diseases, especially cancer. These Medicinal Plants and their uses are documented and partially available online.