​​Environmental Educational Products

​​Produ​​cts that tell stories about nature, sold in Library Antoine all branches, AUB visitors bureau, AUB Archeology Museum, AUB e-store and NCC. Please contact us at backtonature@aub.edu.lb​ to know more about the prices and the project. 

​Tote Bags 

​All proceeds from the sale of these tote bags will fund AUB NCC and FAFS activities to rehabilitate forests destroyed by fires in Lebanon.
You can find the bags in Librairie Antoine and NCC and we will be selling them starting next Monday in front of Assembly hall. ​

Trees of Lebanon

  • ​Trees of Lebanon Book, took 10 years to complete, as it is the only book to document all of Lebanon's native trees. The watercolor illustrations are done by Fadia Nasseredine and beautifully portray Lebanon's biodiversity. The book presents each tree historical, scientific and mythical story.
  • Tree key, a handy reference that helps identifying trees when on site.
  • Trees of Lebanon poster, based on the book, this tree poster illustrates 35 trees native to Lebanon.
  • Nature inspired greeting cards for a pack of 12, 6 in Arabic and 6 in English. Each greeting card features specific tree and includes a description taken from the book trees of Lebanon.