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Recipes for wild plants

​The Nature Conservation Center at the American University of Beirut encourages the study of local biodiversity and its sustainable use. One of our projects has been to collect Lebanese takes on recipes using indigenous plants. Many of these recipes are classic dishes with a twist, such as the quintessential tabbouleh salad where we replced burghul with protein-rich lentils that add a comforting element to its classic zing, vegetable soup common in the winter time due to the warming and refreshing qualities of its sweet aroma and its anti-oxidant-rich herbs and legumes. In addition, we have incorporated many highly nutritious ingredients such as kishk, a calcium-rich powder prepared from burghul soaked in sour goat's milk. Finally, all of the recipes in our collection cater to vegetarians, diabetics and health-conscious people in general, as well as some of them even being gluten-free.null.

​​Plants used
​​Gundelia Cooked
Gundelia Tournefortii
Gundelia Tournefortii
Fried Gundelia
​Gundelia Tournefortii
Gundelia with Eggs
Gundelia Tournefortii
Eryngo Salad - Kueikh​
​Eryngium Creticum
Asparagus with Eggs
Asparagus Acutifolius
Atrafan-Rhubarb-Rhaeum Palaestinum
Rhaeum Palaestinum
Borage with Eggs
Borago Officinalis
Borage with Onion​
​Borago Officinalis​
Bull's eye with chickpeas
Tragopogon Buphtalmoides
​Burghol with Bull's eye
Tragopogon Buphtalmoides
Carob drink
Ceratonia Siliqua
Chicory with Kichik and Onion
Cichorium Intybus
Colocosia Tuber with Sumac
​Rhus Coriaria
Dried Eminium Stew
Eminium Speculum
Eryngo Salad - Chouf​
Eryngium Creticum
Eryngo with Tahini
Eryngium Creticum​
Fennel Omelet
​Foeniculum Vulgare
​Fennel Salad
Foeniculum Vulgare
​Garden Rocket Salad
Nasturtium Officinale​
Mallow and Chickpeas
Malva Sylvestris
Mallow Sauté
​Malva Sylvestris
​Mallow with Burghol
Malva Sylvestris
Pigweed with Onion
Amaranthus Retroflexus
Sage Herbal Tea
Salvia Officinalis
​Sauté Desert Viper Grass
Scorzonera Schweinforthii
​Spanish Thistle in Oil
​Centaurea Iberica
Spinach and Purslane Turnover
Portulaca Oleracea
Stuffed Cyclamen​ Leaves
Cyclamen Persicum
Stuffed Mallow
Malva Sylvestris
Stuffed Sage Leaves
Salvia Officinalis
Waterparsnip Salads
Apium Nodiflorum
​Waterparsnip Tabbouleh
Apium Nodiflorum
White Mustard Yoghurt Salad
Sinapis Alba
​Wild Mint Turnover
Mentha Longifolia
Wild Mint with Kichik
Mentha Longifolia
Wild Thyme salad​​
Origanum Syriacum​​​

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