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Anticancer and Medicinal Properties of Essential Oil and Extracts of East Mediterranean Sage (Salvia triloba)

​​​Gali-Muhtasib, HU., "Anticancer and Medicinal Properties of Essential Oil and Extracts of East Mediterranean Sage (Salvia triloba)", New Trends in Research Strategies on Lead Molecules from Natural Products. M.T. Khan (Ed.) 2006 :169-180.


The East Mediterranean Sage (Salvia triloba) is a native plant of the Mediterranean, which has been used in traditional medicine by many Asian and Middle Eastern countries to treat several ailments. The leaves of the plant are boiled as an herbal tea for the relief of headaches, stomachaches, abdominal pain and many other disorders. The aqueous and oil extracts of sage have been shouwn to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antimicrobial activities. It has recently been shown that the oil extract of S. triloba has potent chemopreventive abilities in the DMBA/TPA mouse model of skin carcinogenesis. This review describes the popular uses of the East Mediterranean Sage in traditional medicine with an emphasis on the anticancer properties of the essential oil extract of the plant.

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