The Impact of Biotechnology Advances on Quality & Marketing of Agricultural Products

​​El-Chakhtoura, J., Talhouk, R., The Impact of Biotechnology Advances on Quality & Marketing of Agricultural Products, Journal of Agricultural Investment 2007 5:18-23.


Breakthroughs in biotechnologies have made it possible to manipulate genes and create modified organisms with desired characteristics and this has had a huge impact on agriculture and related economies. It has augmented productivity and diminished the spread of diseases thus impacting the growth of pharmaceutical businesses. Plants have also been genetically modified to better withstand harsh environmental conditions. Prime bioengineered products on the market today include corn, milk, rice, canola and cotton. Agricultural biotechnology, however, may have health-related consequences and ecological implications due to the possibility of creating ‘super’ genetically modified organisms hard to control. The food-testing market has grown rapidly with governmental organizations in developed and developing countries, including Arab countries, striving to ameliorate and attend to safety practices related to agricultural biotechnology. Agencies such as the United Nations FAO are stressing the importance of communication between public and private sectors in an effort to fight famine and to ensure safety in adopting relevant biotechnologies and resulting products thereof. Nevertheless, accepting biotechnology in the first place has raised a lot of controversy regarding its ethical implications.