What is AUB-NCC

​A Message from the Director

Nature encompasses the mind, body, and soul. It transcends age, behavior, disciplines, and specialties; it is truly fascinating.

I understand that we, at AUB-NCC, cannot protect nature alone, but I also see the good in people. I believe they hold the solution to all our environmental challenges; we are only vehicles of hope.

For all its fruits and blessings, nature only asks for mutual support and respect in return.


We promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and encourage individuals to relate to nature through research, education, community development, and knowledge dissemination.


We seek to make people and communities the guardians and beneficiaries of nature.​

​​Ho​w We Work

  • ​​We work with individuals, groups, communities, and public authorities to develop effective and implementable solutions for challenging environmental issues.
  • We are a firm believer in citizen science and the role it can play in addressing issues related to air and water pollution, deforestation threats, and climate change challenges. 
  • We acknowledge the importance of eco-innovation, entrepreneurship, and education in academia to raise young individuals' awareness of the environmental challenges we face today.
  • We collaborate with research teams throughout the Mediterranean to harmonize ecological assessments of species populations and delicate habitats. 


​Since it was established in 2001, AUB-NCC has mobilized people and institutions throughout Lebanon to support nature conservation; it has improved the environment, and inspired countless individuals to appreciate and embrace sustainability. Over the years, AUB-NCC has brought together many parts of Lebanon in the name of nature conservation, impacted several areas for the betterment of the country’s environment, and effectively piloted sustainability into the hearts of countless individuals in Lebanon. For the past five years, the Center has engaged and impacted Lebanese citizens and students, recruiting interns and volunteers to work alongside its members. It has worked with local and international businesses, operated with municipalities, collaborated with universities and NGOs, and cooperated with government authorities. The diagram below illustrates the rich interaction of AUB-NCC with the different stakeholders.​​