What is AUB-NCC
A Message from the Director

"Nature encompasses the mind, body, and soul. It transcends age, behavior, disciplines, and specialties; it is truly fascinating.

I understand that we, at AUB-NCC, cannot protect nature alone, but I also see the good in people. I believe they hold the solution to all our environmental challenges; we are only vehicles of hope.

For all its fruits and blessings, nature only asks for mutual support and respect in return."

Dr. Najat A. Sal​iba; Director of the Nature Conservation Center, AUB - NCC​
2019 Laureate of the L'Oréal-UNESCO International Award for Women in Science​

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  • We promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and encourage individuals to relate to nature through research, education, community development, and knowledge dissemination.​


  • We seek to make people and communities ​the guardians and beneficiaries of nature.​​

How We Work

  • The Center understands the role citizen science can play in bringing together individuals, groups, communities, and public authorities to develop effective and implementable solutions for air and water pollution, deforestation threats, and climate deterioration challenges.  ​
  • Our objectives are constantly evolving to respond to local challenges while maintaining the focus of our main goal to conserve our natural heritage and create living solutions.​