WHO-AUB NCC Joint Conference on Health Impact Assessment of Air Pollution

  • ​​​Regional Training Workshop on Health Impact Assessment of Air Pollution in Amman​​​


The regional workshop was held in Amman (Jordan) from December 1st to December 4th, 2019. Its purpose was to operationalize the Regional Framework for Action On Health and Environment 2019-2023, and provide a training on the health impact assessment of air pollution.

  • National Training Workshop on Health Impact Assessment of Air Pollution in Lebanon​​​​​​

Together the World Health Organization (WHO) and the AUB-Nature Conservation Center held a conference on September 5 and 6 of 2019 to highlight the link between Air Pollution and Health.  Both days were well attended by representatives from the ministries, World Bank, local organizations, research centers, and universities. 
During the first day, WHO officials and un​iversity professors presented international and local findings that showed air pollution is among the top 10 causes of death and morbidities worldwide.  Two sessions of roundtable discussions allowed the attendees to comment on the current status in Lebanon and the need to establish strong collaborations between the private and the public sector in order to better disseminate information and raise public awareness. In the second day, Mr. Anwar Al Shami and Ms. Ghina Chammas offered participants a hands-on training on the AirQ+ tool developed by WHO to assess the health risk assessment derived from air pollution. 
Recommendations included:
  • The maintenance and rehabilitation of air pollution monitoring stations
  • Making the data collected from the monitoring stations open to public
  • Raising awareness about air pollution by sharing the data on air pollution with the news agencies​