New Faculty Mentors

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The primary purpose of the mentoring system is to provide new faculty members with guidance and support for the successful enrichment of academic careers with professional advancement. New faculty members will receive (1) assistance in understanding the structure and culture of their department/track and in developing professional networks, (2) individual recognition and encouragement, (3) honest criticism and feedback, and (4) advice on responsibilities, professional priorities, and information on policies and deadlines of promotion and how the promotion process works. The commitment of AUB to mentoring is intended to result in improved productivity and commitment among faculty, decreased attrition among faculty, increased collaboration among colleagues, increased understanding and respect among faculty, and the encouragement of a university environment that promotes collegiality.

New faculty members having lunch in ADA Dodge Hall, with Doctor Maya Abou Zeid, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Assistant Dean, MSFEA

To find out the name of your appointed mentor, please click on the appropriate link below: